Tory Support

What council leader Martin Hill wants people to believe:

Labour Mouthpiece

What has actually happened:

Here is a record of members of the Conservative party supporting what we have done and opposing the council’s plan, including David Cameron PM, Sir Peter Tapsell MP, Sir Edward Leigh MP, John Hayes MP, a member of the exec that voted through the plan, Cllr Linda Neal (Leader of South Kesteven District Council) and Councillor Martin Hill himself – yes, you read that correctly, read on…

 David Cameron, Prime Minister

Flashback to the day this campaign won its Judicial Review

 Sir Peter Tapsell MP

Sir Peter Tapsell (Con MP) Letter Lincs Library Cuts

 Sir Edward Leigh MP


 John Hayes MP

John Hayes

Cllr Peter Robinson



Cllr Linda Neal

Leader of South Kesteven District Council


Stephen Phillips QC MP

stephen phillips

Cllr Martin Hill

Leader of Lincolnshire County Council (he signed a petition opposing his own cuts)

Martin Hill (left) and Phil Dilks


Read about this here: and here

Want more evidence of how wrong this is?

Click here to read our growing page of UK councils that have dramatically changed their library plans after consultations:

Click here to read our growing page “volunteer crisis” that lists the volunteer groups already withdrawing from the council’s plan, and confirms that no group we have spoken to actually wants to take on their library, they feel they have no choice:

3 thoughts on “Tory Support

  1. Pingback: Tim Coates – former Waterstones boss – brands Lincolnshire County Council “disgraceful & contemptible in the extreme” | Save Lincolnshire Libraries

  2. This isn’t a political argument for me, but what is right for the people of Lincolnshire. We know how important Libraries have been to many people in the past and they have made their way in the world because of them. The future for everyone is being taken away from them because nine people have followed one arrogant person to decide that libraries are not important. It is even more galling because the savings that are needed could have been made and we could still have had the libraries and staff in position.

  3. If Martin Hill believes that everyone who has protested, including half the population of the Deepings (9,000 who signed the petition out of a population of 18.000) is a Labour supporter, it makes you wonder why there isn’t a Labour landslide in elections! This isn’t a political argument but one that unites all voters and none. One lady I spoke to at Deepings’ Open Day said, ”They used to be called the Conservatives because they believed in conserving our traditions, like libraries, but now they’ve changed their name (sic) to the Tory Party, they don’t seem to believe in anything except money.”
    This ‘red menace’ argument is the same one used to deny the Church’s right to object to government policies; as if a desire for the common good is only something one political view can believe in. If that is the case, then the Gospels must be the new Labour party manifesto!

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