Public meeting in Grantham tonight


On Monday 16 September at 7:30 pm there will be a public meeting at the Newton Room, Guildhall Arts Centre examining the proposals. All Labour Members welcome. Please show your support and solidarity with those facing the loss of their libraries. Grantham Library will lose 5 hours opening.

Councillors, Unison and concerned members of the public are fighting County Council Proposals to slash public library services across Lincolnshire. Hundreds of mobile stops will be lost and only 15 out of 45 public libraries will remain.

The impact on the area around Grantham is as follows:-

The scale of cuts becomes clear when we examine the impact on villages surrounding Grantham alone:-

  • Aisby, Allington, Barkston, Carlton Scroop, Denton, Frieston, Fulbeck, Gelston, Hougham, Holby, Ingoldsby, Lenton, Little Ponton, Manthorpe, Marston, Oasby, Old Somerby, Skillington, Stubton, Swayfield, Swinstead, Syston and Welby, are set to lose their mobile service altogether with residents only being offered a phone home service instead though housebound people may receive additional help.
  • Corby Glen will have mobile services reduced.
  • Ancaster, Barrowby, Colsterworth, and Long Bennington will receive an improved mobile service. There is no change to services at Caythorpe and Ropsley.
  • Many villages around Sleaford are also losing their services and some residents may prefer to come to Grantham’s library.

The County hope, as with Grantham Museum, volunteers will step forward to run libraries. They have been advising interested groups to form Public Ltd companies for expediency. Some may form charities.

Full details of the proposals are available on the County Council website:

There is a Lincolnshire County Council public consultation which is currently taking place and ends on 30 September. In addition Save Lincolnshire’s Libraries is gathering petition signatures to oppose the cuts. The cuts will be debated in County Full Council this week but the final decision re

The County Communities Scrutiny Committee refused to endorse the proposals.
The final say will rest with the County Cabinet members only, although members of the Labour Group will be arguing that the decision should sit with Full Council.

On 21 September there will be a protest march in Lincoln. Come dressed as your favourite book character.

Please refer to the Save Lincolnshires Libaries website to sign the online petition.
Let them know what you think.
Petition sessions in Morrisons Centre and ASDA are being planned. Details of dates will be available ASAP.
A competition for local schools has been organised by Save Lincs Libraries and sponsored by Unison.
For full details of the proposals and campaign please go to the Save Lincs Libraries website on:-
Please contact Charmaine Morgan for details on 07429 334260 or 01476 574748.



To discuss a response to Lincolnshire County Council’s proposals to cut Horncastle Library’s opening hours in half (as a “Tier 2” library), cut library staff in Horncastle, cut mobile library services in the Horncastle area, and close libraries across Lincolnshire.

Representatives of Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Libraries & Heritage, Horncastle Town Council, and Save Lincolnshire Libraries will attend to discuss the town’s response to the council’s proposal.

Useful links:

Five things that you can do to help save Horncastle Library from cuts

  1. Support and use Horncastle Library!
  2. Attend the meeting on Thursday, 11th August – commencing 7pm.
  3. Encourage family and friends to sign our petition (available in Houlden’s, High Street, Horncastle) to trigger a proper debate at Lincolnshire County Council.
  4. Send individual emails to those who can decide or influence the future of Horncastle Library as a properly funded and professionally staffed library:
  5. Write letters to the editor for publication in the Horncastle News.

ELDC: Future of library provision in the Louth area to be discussed at community meeting

From the website of East Lindsey District Council:

AN Extraordinary meeting of Louth Community Forum will take place to discuss the County Council’s current Library Service consultation exercise.

The meeting is open to the public and will facilitate a discussion about future library provision in the Louth area. It will take place on September 9 at 7pm in the Conoco Phillips Room at Louth Library.

The next regular meeting of the Louth Community Forum will take place on September 30.

Campaign gets off the ground in Sutton on Sea

Dune vegetationThe local campaign group Save Sutton on Sea Library are holding a public meeting on Thursday, 22nd August, from 6:00pm, in St Clements Church Hall, Church Lane, Sutton on Sea.

Details of the event are on their website. The campaign in SoS has already made the front page of their local newspaper, the Mablethorpe & Sutton on Sea Leader.

Coastal communities desperately need their libraries. There are particular problems in Lincolnshire with “hidden” poverty and social exclusion in isolated rural & coastal areas. Library cuts will only make this situation worse.

Like all councils, Lincolnshire has a statutory obligation to provide a “comprehensive and efficient” library service (Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964). We believe that these cuts would leave the county without a comprehensive service, and that the most deprived rural & coastal areas of Lincs would be hardest hit.

In the view of a Commons Select Committee Enquiry, “…the wholesale transfer of library branches to volunteer groups is unlikely to meet the statutory criterion of providing a ‘comprehensive and efficient’ library service“. Volunteers, when properly supported by library staff working together in the same building, can bring enthusiasm and passion to local libraries, but professionally-managed services ensure quality and equality for all library users, including the most vulnerable people in society.

You can contact Save Lincolnshire Libraries via our website, at:

Save Sutton on Sea Library have their own campaign website, at:

North Hykeham Town Council meeting 12th August

There will be a special public meeting hosted by North Hykeham Town Council on 12th August at 6:30pm (Civic Offices, Fen Lane, North Hykeham).

This meeting is to allow members of the public a chance to consult with North Hykeham Town Council on any issues relating to the Proposed Changes to Library Provision in North Hykeham.

Residents (and users of Hykeham library from surrounding villages) are invited to attend, and/or to forward any questions or statements in advance to (or by letter to the council offices).

Another meeting in Lincoln: SAVE BIRCHWOOD LIBRARY!

To discuss a response to Lincolnshire County Council’s proposals to close Birchwood Library.

The meeting will be chaired by Mary Gillen.
Councillor Rosanne Kirk (@rosiecosy) will be there.

All welcome!


Five things that you can do to save Birchwood Library

  1. Support and use Birchwood Library!
  2. Attend the meeting on Monday, 5th August – commencing 7pm.
  3. Encourage family and friends to sign our petition to trigger a proper debate at Lincolnshire County Council.
  4. Send individual emails to those who will decide the future of Birchwood Library as a properly funded and professionally staffed library:
  5. Write letters to the editor for publication in the Lincolnshire Echo.

Public meeting in Lincoln: SAVE ERMINE LIBRARY!

Public meeting

To discuss Ermine Community’s response to Lincolnshire County Council’s proposals to permanently close your Library.

St John the Baptist, Ermine Estate, LincolnCounty Councillor, Mrs. Judy Renshaw will be attending. City Councillors, the Head of Libraries and the LCC Executive Member for Libraries have also been invited.

All welcome – please come!

Useful links:

Five things that you can do to save Ermine Library

  1. Support and use Ermine Library!
  2. Encourage family and friends to sign our petition to trigger a proper debate at Lincolnshire County Council.
  3. Send individual emails to those who will decide the future of Ermine Library as a properly funded and professionally staffed library:
  4. Write letters to the editor for publication in the Lincolnshire Echo.
  5. Link up to create a Book Circle around the Library at 10:30am on Saturday, 27th July. Bring your favourite book to read a couple of lines!

Scrutiny committee reject Lincolnshire County Council proposal

On Wednesday, 26th June, the Community and Public Safety Scrutiny Committee, made up of 11 Lincolnshire county councillors, rejected the council’s proposal for changes to library provision in Lincolnshire.

Save Lincolnshire Libraries member Emily Evison, who is campaigning to save Nettleham Library, was at the scrutiny committee meeting:

This meeting focused on the report on consultation about the Library Service and considered recommendations to the Executive Committee.

The Committee voted against (5 to 3 with 8 abstaining) public consultations on proposals to put in place a new model of statutory library provision, including the use of volunteers to run some libraries at local level. They were explicit that they voted against the current document being tabled, not against the idea of public consultation. But, a final decision on whether to implement the proposals is reserved for the Executive Committee, which meets next week on 2nd July. They will have a formal debate and could decide to over-rule their councillors’ vote.

Cllr Worth, Executive Councillor for Libraries, Heritage and Culture, said this was not about library closures, but a genuine attempt at public consultation. If this is to be believed, we must make sure that our voices are heard.
Whatever else we do now, we must keep this in front of the public: sending in letters or emails to local and key members before next Tuesday’s meeting.

The same department responsible for these cuts has decided to spend £10 million on high speed broadband across the county. There are decisions on spending that make this £2 million cut to the libraries easy to solve, but it is not being treated as a priority.

Decisions on which libraries to keep open has been made based on a catchment area of 30 minutes travel to the nearest library by car or on public transport. Many councillors felt that this was not a useful measurement as many with the greatest need would be unable to regularly make the round trip to the library. They also referred to larger populated areas having their libraries in tier 2 (safe library but shorter hours funded), however one councillor cited three tier 2 communities that were smaller than the town he represented (his library was to be closed). The chair of the committee was councillor for one of these smaller communities with a safe library.

There was strong feeling that libraries needed to be saved as a public service, and that volunteer-run libraries might work in some communities but was not a sustainable model across the county.

Those in favour repeatedly cited that only 1/5 community used the library in a year. It would be interesting to see how different libraries compare, but that table was not included in the 100+page document I ploughed through.

Councillors from Boulton, Deepings, Grantham, and Branston were all outspoken against this proposal and really stood up for their communities rights to a library. More wanted to speak but hadn’t made formal requests, public speakers were not invited.

Although the vote was positive, we must not think that, because of today, this proposal will go away.

Emily Evison, Save Lincolnshire Libraries campaign