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  1. Lincolnshire, proudly I believe, lays claim to having one of the first public reference libraries in this country. It was founded about 1600 for ‘the better encreasinge of learnings and knowledge in divinitie & other liberall sciences & learning by such of the cleargie & others as well as beinge inhabitantes in or near Grantham & the soake thereof as in other places in the said Countie.’ (Francis Trigge) I think that it is rather a shame that the county is now proposing the closure or reduction of opening hours for some of the county’s libraries.
    While reading a copy of last Friday’s Bourne Local, I came across a letter that mentioned the fact that when Bourne Library was being moved to new premises archives of bound editions of both the Bourne Local and Lincolnshire Life were saved from the skip. Fortunately, the staff had realized their historical value for research and study. Thoughts of what may have become landfill made me think of a period in history when people fought to establish libraries for educational purposes…talk about turning the clock back.
    Locally those at the chalk face express concern about the levels of literacy in this county. Surely the councilors, who are part of the decision making process, must realise that the closure of libraries in these times of increasing austerity will be to the detriment of citizens, young and old, who are endeavouring to enhance their knowledge. Many households can no longer provide children with books to enable them to improve their knowledge and language skills or to access to computers. Likewise others who find themselves on limited incomes use libraries as a literary and/or social portal when their perspective on life might otherwise be rather grim. The written word, via book or computer, could offer them a temporary means of escape or inspire them to enhance their skills in order to provide a better future for themselves. The effect of closing libraries in areas such as Market Deeping will be to impose an inequality of opportunity upon the local population.

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