What makes Jo Nesbø the perfect crime writer?

What makes Jo Nesbø the perfect crime writer?

In the novel” cockroaches ” Joe Nesbo sends his favorite hero, police Harry Holi, to Bangkok. In the hotel Elevator Hole meets once Ty who rozpromienia on the news that a friend of his short trip is a Norwegian citizen. “I heard about your famous compatriot,” he says. – Ibsen? – it interrogates the hole. – And maybe Munch? No: pride of Norway, whose fame has reached even in Thailand, is the reserve player of Manchester United, OLE Gunnar Solskjaer.

Criminal male cases

Criminal male cases

“Cockroaches” appeared in 1998. and it looks like the world has changed a bit since then. World media again write about ” perhaps the most famous Norwegian since Ibsen and Munch.” However, they do not define it as a player, namely 52-year-old Joe Nesbo today. If only it is not called the successor to Stieg Larsson. What annoys the author of the “red throat”. Not only because in Scandinavia (as well as in many European countries, including Poland) was a bestseller and is highly appreciated by the criticism of the criminal writer, when the author of the “Millennium” no one heard what makes Jo Nesbø the perfect crime writer. Also-Bo Nesbo admits that he made his way only through one and a half volumes of Larsson’s famous trilogy.

But he understands that he is the beneficiary of his success. If the Millennium hadn’t been wiped across the ocean of trails, probably Nesbo wouldn’t have been recognized as an expert on Scandinavian violence, the prestigious new York times asked for an expert analysis of the situation in Norway after last year’s Anders Breivik coup. Or he’d sell five million copies of his Bigfoot to the United States. And not zainteresowałby this book himself Martin Scorsese, who wants to shoot a movie version.

The filmmakers have already tasted his prose. Adaptation of the penultimate novel Nesbo – ” bounty hunters”, implemented by Morten Tyldum, which was released on our screens, collected in the world rave reviews. The film is compared with the works of Tarantino and the brothers Cohen, also planned his Hollywood remake. It’s a bit paradoxical: “bounty hunters,” a novel about a corporate HeadHunter who, to meet the financial expectations of a beautiful wife, makes art theft, it’s a bit of a byproduct of writing Nesbø. Not so much the author’s favorite black detective story as an adventure novel. Yes, the scene in which the hero hides from the predator office to the ears in human feces, has a special charm. However, Nesbø fans still welcomed the “bounty hunters” with some drawback.

“Larsson Effect”. Joe Nesbo on the phenomenon of Scandinavian detectives

From success to success, the path that passed through Nesbo to writer’s fame was closed and full of paradoxes. Today he admits that he was actually sentenced to literature because he grew up between books: his mother was a librarian and his father a bibliophile. So Joe as a child tried to write stories, was the end for him is not the best. When the school asked an essay on “day in the forest”, the future author of” bounty Hunters ” – wrote opowiadanko, in which all the characters died. And the Board is concerned about the state of his psyche calling on Joe’s parents.

"Larsson Effect". Joe Nesbo on the phenomenon of Scandinavian detectives

Was born in Oslo, a boy lived then in a provincial Molde. And he began to develop other talents. With a very good result: as a 17-year-old he had a reputation as a capable player, and coached football with a clear plan: to become a football player of London “Tottenham”. And maybe even would have been a cruciate ligament injury, was, however, not cured. This was perhaps the only period in his life when he had the right to feel like a loser. From football plans went out the threads for this passion made the result insignificant degree not to take any interesting research.

In despair, he joined the army. After completing his three-year Ministry, he began to study business and management, which bore him to death. Soon he had to start the strangest assumption-in some sense a schizophrenic-period in his life. Despite his dislike for the study of Nesbo, he made a brilliant career as a stock broker and financial analyst. At the same time, was lured his comrades, began to sing, play the guitar and write texts for pop group Di Derre. And here, too, is a success.

Di Derre happened in the 90s. one of the most popular Norwegian bands. The band recorded four well-selling in the local market drive. It was quite popular that one of the publishers offered Nesbo to write a book-stories about the adventures of Di Derre during the tour. The musician promised to consider the offer and went on vacation to Australia. As he recalls, during a 30-hour flight from Oslo to Sydney, he came up with a book – so much so that it was completely different than the publisher expected. Criminal novel about a Norwegian detective who is now in Sydney is investigating.

A hero with problems

This trip was supposed to be revolutionary for Nesbø. Then I came to the conclusion that he has everything: his own house, and a rock band, excellent work and an excess of money. Returning to Norway, he quit his job and quickly wrote a novel invented on the plane. So there was a “man-bat” – literary debut Nesbø. And so was born Harry Hole-one of the most intriguing detectives in modern literature criminal. The future writer, however, doubted if the novel is to show the world.

A hero with problems

He wasn’t sure of his talent, and he knew that the local pop star would be given even the worst literary trash. So he sent the book to the publisher under a pseudonym: only when she received a confession, he revealed his identity. From that moment on, he created book after book, and even novels broke records of popularity and won more and more prestigious laurels. “Bat-man “was the” only ” crime novel of 1997. in Norway. Released three years later, “Red throat” has already received the award for the best Norwegian detective of all time, has gained popularity in Europe. I have established a written scheme modified by Nesbo in subsequent books.

This is not Larsson, because he invented the key figure in modern Scandinavian literature, to put it briefly ” ” men who hate women.” He’s done it before, Nesbo. In the “Red throat” broke the myth of the land severally allotted Nazi resistance. He told about the Norwegian soldiers fighting on the side of Hitler on the Eastern front. And their relationship with neo-Nazi neo-Nazi groups.

Not only about Nazism in the strict sense went; more about the rebirth of what once Erich Fromm called an authoritarian personality. In the first novels Nesbø she even first and last name. This is Tom Vaaler, a police officer who loves harmony and order, but shoots homeless or immigrants, using violence against women, fascinated by weapons. He is the embodiment of evil (like Breivik).

Where’s good? When in 2010. Nesbø accepted in Wroclaw the honorary Award of a large Caliber for life achievements, I asked him why he made his hero-alcoholic. He replied – you know, I’m tired of those American tough guys who pour until late at night and then like they never chase anything gangsters. I wanted the Hole to be a problem: with addiction, with a friend, with the prospect of their own complete decline.
This is precisely the Hole-in punk rock glanach, dirty, fought alcohol, drugs, full of self – doubt, but the protection of the private moral code-in this world guardian of okay, BA, public order.

This, of course, a bit, as he Nesbø. A writer who, with unusual best-selling writers, unscrupulously persuaded the publisher not to publish another Harry Hall story because it’s too weak. And that speaks to some disgust, which has, for the last stories about the detective – “stone heart” – in several scenes was too much cruelty. “I have to stop one sentence earlier,” he says. And to detox himself a bit, he starts writing another series of books-funny children’s stories.

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