The nine executive members who made the decision to proceed with swingeing cuts to

Lincolnshire’s library service (contact details below)

23,000 people signed various petitions against the library cuts (according to the council’s own consultation report).

9,757 turned out for the nine exec members in the 2013 county election.

The next county election is 2017.

Read the campaign story so far on this page: Save Lincolnshire Libraries Timeline

Lincs Conservative manifesto 2013

Do you feel informed or betrayed?

The Lincolnshire County Council Conservative party manifesto of 2013 (pictured) promised to “Continue a countywide library network with better access and opening Hours.” Did this prepare you for what has actually happened: a cut to the number of council-run libraries from 47 to 15, 30 communities told they must work for free to keep library provision in their area, and about 160 library staff made redundant.

And then there’s the disgraceful treatment of  Pauline Palmer

Lincolnshire resident who produced an alternative plan for the libraries and was treated terribly by the council. They have apologised to her now, but the phrase ‘too little too late’ is perfectly applied here. Read all about this on this post: Pauline Palmer Apology

You might also want to read this article from before the Judicial Review where Martin Hill says

‘If campaigners want to go to court to save Lincolnshire libraries, they should pay for it’

Campaigners went on to win the JR on two counts, but would not have been able to challenge the council without legal aid.

In this article Martin Hill also states:

“There’s been judicial reviews of every single council that’s tried to reform its libraries service.” This is a lie.

And then there’s unbelievable statements like this, made at a public meeting:


The above comments recorded by Lincs Echo reporter Mark Williams. These were comments made by executive councillor Nick Worth, the architect of the Lincolnshire Libraries cuts.

And then there’s this tornado level of spin:

Download the council’s magazine here to see this on page 7: County-News—Autumn-2014 (1)

Contact details for the exec

Nick Worth (Cons), portfolio holder for libraries who has steered the cuts through, click here for contact details

Martin Hill (Cons), click this link for contact details

Patricia Bradwell (Cons), click here for contact details

Colin Davie (Cons), click here for contact details

Peter Robinson (Cons), click here for contact details

Richard Davies (Cons), click here for contact details

Sue Woolley (Cons), click here for contact details

Barry Young (Cons), click here for contact details

Reg Shore (Lib Dem), click here for contact details

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