County council refuses to reconsider its plans to get rid of staff from libraries


The High Court, London. Image free to use by press and bloggers.

On Tuesday 21st July the High Court in London will once again hear the case against Lincolnshire County Council’s plans to get rid of staff from most of its libraries.

Following the High Court’s judgement a year ago to quash Lincolnshire County Council’s decision to withdraw staff from the majority of its libraries and either close them or hand them over to volunteers, the County Council is back in court.

This is due to its failure to make any changes to its political plans to force communities to take on the County Council’s statutory responsibility to run a comprehensive library service across Lincolnshire.

Speaking on behalf of Save Lincolnshire Libraries, John Hough said “We appeal to the County Council even at this late hour to discuss with Simon Draper and Save Lincolnshire Libraries a way out of legal proceedings that are costly and unnecessary.

“Despite repeated attempts to get the Council to come to the table to discuss the issues they have refused to engage with the people of Lincolnshire on finding a way forward for the library service that offers an alternative to closure or to withdrawing valued and experienced staff from the existing libraries.

“No one chooses to take court action but Tuesday’s hearing is a direct result of Lincolnshire County Council’s refusal to properly consider that there are alternatives to its dogmatic insistence on seeking volunteers to run 30 or so libraries.”


5 thoughts on “County council refuses to reconsider its plans to get rid of staff from libraries

  1. I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Our Library has been so much better since Volunteers took over the running. It’s friendlier, the volunteers have more time for you than the staff did and you can do everything that you could when it was council staffed. A win win situation really

    • Stuart

      Ian Anstice (editor of Public Libraries News) got this telling email following the BBC / Doncaster story

      “Don’t know if you saw the piece on breakfast news on Thursday … but the piece at Armthorpe Library bloody annoyed me. It showed two members of staff running a childrens activity but made out they were volunteers! What were the volunteers doing?? Nothing. The article that came later said that they were better than staff as there were more of them and they were open more. I’m sorry but Armthorpe was open 45 hours, its now about 20 and although 6 volunteers may be on in one go rather than 2 professionals, I’m afraid they can’t answer the basic of questions or do anything. I was fuming to put it mildly.”

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  4. I also agree with Stewart, the plans for Ermine mean it will be open 6 days a week. I was sceptical but after approaching the organisation and asking the questions it seems it will be a great facility. I do feel for the staff BUT it is staying a library, keeping all the books, offering lots of FREE courses, pc and internet use is free. They are an established charity who seem to know what they are doing. I am told they are taking Birchwood also. I for one think we will have just as good service .

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