Lincolnshire County Council apologises to Pauline Palmer: “we have learned our lessons”

Update from Pauline Palmer, author of The Palmer Proposal to run Lincolnshire’s Library Service. 

“During the first consultation process I sent in an alternative proposal. My intention was to show LCC that there was another option. Unfortunately, in their various presentations they said that I had further reduced the hours at tiers 1 and 2 and had introduced volunteers to the mobile service in order to pay for the retention of the tier 3 libraries. This was not so. I put in a complaint at the end of the first consultation and it was rejected. However, a new complaint was put in last October because I was not satisfied and this time Tony McGinty made sure that it was considered properly. I received this letter (reproduced below) that shows they were at fault a short time ago. It was brought to my attention that the Lincolnshire Echo had printed a small article about this and so I decided to let anyone who is interested see exactly what the letter says so that they can can make up their own mind.”

Clipping from Lincolnshire Echo

Clipping from Lincolnshire Echo

palmer 1


palmer 2














2 thoughts on “Lincolnshire County Council apologises to Pauline Palmer: “we have learned our lessons”

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  2. What a shambles! Those responsible for this mess should resign. Why wasn’t Mrs Palmer’s proposal considered afresh following her original complaint? If this proposal was seriously considered, it could have saved many libraries from closure.

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