Tim Coates – former Waterstones boss – brands Lincolnshire County Council “disgraceful & contemptible in the extreme”

Former Waterstones boss Tim Coates

Author & former Waterstones boss Tim Coates

The following is an email (reproduced with permission) from Tim Coates to key national figures associated with libraries, library campaigns and books.

“I met Maurice Nauta and his wife last week. Maurice – who was previously chief librarian in the county has – for several years – led the campaign to save the libraries in the county. It was a privilege to listen to him. His work and endeavour and understanding is extraordinary.

“The behaviour of Lincolnshire County Council and the Conservative party in Lincolnshire is nothing short of disgraceful and contemptible in the extreme. There is no reason to close a library or put any one into the hands of volunteers. The figures scream greed and stupidity.

“It is the county of my birth and I was shocked and horrified to read of the ignorance – which seems to stem entirely from the arrogant uneducated underhand unforgivable Conservative politicians.

“None of them is worthy of Maurice’s kindness, patience and gracious devotion.

“I think the entire focus of the national library campaign should be to ensure that no conservative politician is elected in Lincolnshire in May in the general elections – no MP – and no councillor.

“We – as we campaign – have proved we can mobilise the intelligent press of the country before – and now I believe that – to make the point – we should all direct our loud and articulate voices at this one appalling travesty in Lincolnshire.

“I will do that – and if any journalist reading this wants to quote me – they may – I hope it gets into the hands of the local press and television. I was shocked at what is there – it is truly appalling.”

SEE ALSO: outraged report by Laura Swaffield, chair of The Library Campaign: Lincolnshire Library Madness

PLEASE NOTE: Although the nine members of the executive that have pushed through the library plan are Conservative / Lib Dem, Save Lincolnshire Libraries has had welcome support from leading members of the Conservative party, detailed on this page of our website: https://savelincslibraries.org.uk/tory-support/

Tim Coates was managing director of Waterstones in its early years and has run several large book European and American book companies . For fifteen years he has also worked on library matters, seeking to improve library services in England and in several countries . He is an acknowledged expert in the use Ebooks and digital material in libraries . Tim is a published author and also has edited a series of British and American history .

Campaign summary: https://savelincslibraries.org.uk/ 

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