The Library (A poem from a Deepings library campaigner)

10635777_1541752702750441_8145528074294484175_nWhy go to the Library
Just to read a book
When there’s a lot to do at the Library
Just go and have a look

You can use the computers
Or hire a DVD
Bring a long a friend as well
There’s a lot to do and see

They have the newspapers to read
And magazines as well
They even have a library shop
With birthday cards to sell

The kids can do their homework
Or listen to “Story time”
The book may be illustrated
Or the words may even rhyme

You can do some research
On your family tree
To find who you are related to
I wonder if it’s me.

The Librarians are friendly
They greet you with a smile
And to find that special book for you
They’ll go the extra mile

So use your local library
And visit it today
Don’t let them close your library
Don’t let them take it away.

Andrew Bowell, Save Deepings Library


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