Lincolnshire Library Cuts: Outrage from William Hussey, Lincolnshire based Author

William Hussey

William Hussey

William Hussey is the author of Young Adult thrillers including JEKYLL’S MIRROR (Jan 2015), the WITCHFINDER series, HAUNTED & THE NIGHTMARE EATER

My reaction to Lincolnshire County Council’s pushing through of their disastrous libraries plan: We fought long and we fought hard. We petitioned (the biggest libraries petition the UK has EVER seen), we marched (the largest march in Lincoln for a decade), we took them to court and we won, and yet the council executive has ignored the will of the people and pushed through a plan that, as all their research and consultation shows, will result in the annihilation of our libraries.

The fact that many more thousands of people signed the petition against this plan than voted for the ENTIRE executive combined at the last election shows how much democracy, the rule of law and the voice of the people matter to this arrogant elite. Put simply, they don’t care what us plebs think – they will scweam and scweam and scweam like bad-tempered toddlers until they get their way.

Before I got involved with Save Lincolnshire Libraries, I had no idea how conniving and corrupt (and just plain dumb!) local politics could be. It has been a long lesson in frustration, disappointment and outrage. The experience can be summed up by the words of Councillor Nick Worth, portfolio holder for libraries and the social vandal responsible for this plan, who at a public meeting responded to a question about the availability of public transport for the elderly, young, disabled and vulnerable to get to libraries by saying that most people in Lincolnshire had ‘two or three cars’ to get around in. A remark which speaks volumes about the councillor’s ineptitude and his general attitude to the less fortunate.

I feel saddened for my fellow yellow-bellies that this nest of disingenuous snakes is the best our county can offer as far as local government is concerned. A sad day for libraries in Lincolnshire and, more widely, for the principle of democracy in a county that hosts the Magna Carta – a document that symbolises the curtailment of the arbitrary power of a tyrannical elite.


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