The Amazing work Library Workers in Lincolnshire Do #LibraryPlanNO

A Lincolnshire rural library full of children, photo taken this week, just after school finished,

A Lincolnshire rural library full of children, photo taken last week, just after school finished,

Genuine stories this campaign has been told, from front-line library staff in Lincolnshire. We publish this to show the huge variety of work a professional librarian does, and to counter the myth that a library is just a room full of books. The dedicated library staff really are a golden thread running through our communities. 

  1. Helping a gentleman who had been bereaved find out what he needed to do legally as well as putting him in touch with support groups.
  2. I printed off a 56 page document for a migrant to the area from a government website that the job centre had told them to fill in.
  3. Helping a lady get re united with a family members she had not seen for 30 years
  4. I helped someone else who couldn’t use a computer to see if they were eligible for legal aid in a particular matter by finding a website and then going through a questionnaire with them. I then printed off a list of legal firms for them to contact.
  5. Reuniting a local person with his dogs who had turned at the library!
  6. I am so regularly involved in children’s activities and class visits taken as read.
  7. I helped a couple with an enquiry about sheltered housing in the town where I work as the library was their first port of call. I was able to suggest one off the top of my head and a quick google search gave me some more.
  8. I retrieved the hard bound copies of some old editions of a local newspaper that we keep for a customer to look at and also set up the microfilm reader for them to look at some on there also.
  9. I put a display together to mark National Holocaust Memorial Day using printed materials and books we had in the library.

Finally, a collection of anecdotes from a mobile library worker who is doing much more than shelving books:

The mobile staff spent a year working with the National Careers Service advising people who were either seeking work, job change or training. Offering bereavement counselling (on a very regular basis). Re-homing lost dogs. Replacing blown light bulbs. Fixing outside hose pipes. Finding recipes from tv programmes. Getting new mobile phones up and running. How to drive a car with an automatic gearbox. Advising on gardening, shopping, moving house, all matters aviation (holiday and historic). Advice on beekeeping and swarm collection


2 thoughts on “The Amazing work Library Workers in Lincolnshire Do #LibraryPlanNO

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  2. I’ve got one – finding a lost wife for a worried husband who turned up at the library just before closing time, after spending the afternoon looking for her – 2 staff went out looking after work, and located the lady patiently waiting in the car wondering where her husband was!

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