Cost to Taxpayers of Lincs Library Fiasco Rockets to £728,000 #LibraryPlanNO

quotescover-JPG-43Press release from Labour in Lincolnshire

As a crucial decision on the future of Lincolnshire libraries is due today (Tuesday), the true costs of The Great Tory Library Betrayal have been revealed at a staggering £728,000 – almost three quarters of a million pounds.

The official figures have been released by Labour’s Shadow Executive Member for Libraries Phil Dilks who said today:

“Up to now, the Tories who dominate Lincolnshire County Council have avoided disclosing how much public money they have thrown at their flawed fag-packet political scheme which threatens closure of up to 30 libraries across the county – against the wishes of the vast majority of decent Lincolnshire people.

“Only last week, I was told officially that the total costs so far were ‘in the order of £250,000’.

“But I have insisted on seeing the full breakdown of figures. And the truth is three times worse than they admitted. By the time this incompetent bunch have finished decimating our libraries, they’ll have spent close on a £1 million of our money.

“The Tories are forcing Lincolnshire people to pay through the nose for their political dogma which they’ve labelled their vision for David Cameron’s so called Big Society.”

Meanwhile, a Lincolnshire Tory MP – and Government Minister – has demanded that fellow Conservative Cllr Martin Hill, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council ‘urgently rethinks’ his plan which threatens the future of 30 libraries across the county, particularly Deepings Library which is one of the busiest in Lincolnshire, read more on this breaking story by clicking this link:

Lincolnshire Tory MP – and Government Minister – has demands Lincolnshire County Council ‘urgently rethinks’ library plan

Library Needs Assessment costs as provided by LCC are shown in the LCC file (click the link below to download), which shows that so far £728k (plus staffing costs for current financial year, no figure given) has been spent so far by the county council in their ‘review’ of libraries. The spend so far includes £387,473 for redundancy and pensions payments to library staff, as well as £104,633 attempting to defend the Judicial Review in the High Court which ruled the county council had acted unlawfully by launching a seriously flawed consultation process and failing to listen to alternative proposals.

Library Review costs and redundancies 2015-01-25


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