Pop Up Library Protest TUESDAY #LibraryPlanNO


Campaigners from Save Lincolnshire Libraries will be creating a pop up library with plenty of books for councillors to borrow at the entrance to County Council Headquarters on Tuesday 3rd February. Readings will also take place in the pop up library from 9.15 am.

If you cannot attend please do two things:

1) Tweet your support using #LibraryPlanNO so the campaign can RT your message.

2) Fire off a quick email to the key decision makers on libraries Martin Hill cllrm.hill@lincolnshire.gov.uk, Nick Worth cllrn.worth@lincolnshire.gov.uk  “I fully support the BOOKS AROUND THE COUNCIL protest (3/3/2015), though I am unable to attend myself. I fully support the campaign’s objectives: to keep libraries open across Lincolnshire run by professional and paid staff, supported by volunteers. I want Lincolnshire to have a modern library service, supported by investment, that will deliver now and in the future for everyone – and in particular for future generations of children.” You are of course free to compose your own email!

Books to represent each currently council-run library will be placed around the building with a summary of what will happen to each of them under the Council’s proposals.

A copy of the book ‘The Tip of the Iceberg’, which was given to the Prime Minister in Downing Street on April 8th last year, will be presented to Councillor Martin Hill, Leader of the Council. This book contains comments from over 900 people, most of them from Lincolnshire, about how they value libraries.

In addition, a book will be presented to each Lincolnshire Administration councillor for them to read. This follows comments from two conservative councillors at last week’s Communities Scrutiny meeting when they revealed that neither of them had visited a library for over 30 years and one had not read a book since the 1970’s. We would like to help them.

The Council’s Executive Committee will meet at 10.30 on Tuesday 3rd February. They will decide on whether to accept the recommendation that the shape of the future library service will be almost exactly the same as what they decided on December 3rd 2013.

The High Court judgement in July last year quashed that decision. It also gave the Executive Committee an opportunity to think afresh about their plans.

Save Lincolnshire Libraries Campaigner, Julie Harrison says,

“They could have considered the opposition to their plans from thousands of people across the county and what else they could do in the light of that. They could have considered proposals which had come forward, such as the bid from Greenwich Leisure Ltd to run the existing library network within the budget that had been set. They could have considered that the hundreds of thousands of pounds spent on the changes was just not worth it for the savings they wanted to make. Even at this late stage, we urge them to think of the irreparable damage the loss of most of our library service will do.”


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