Third community group (Wainfleet) withdraws library offer

Today, Save Lincolnshire Libraries received this statement from the community group at Wainfleet, explaining why they are also withdrawing their plan to take over the library as volunteers. They join Alford Library Volunteers and Nettleham Parish Council as community groups that have withdrawn from a volunteer library plan (that this campaign group is aware of). On top of this, the Coningsby-Tattershall library does not currently have a bidder to run the service.

Our Wainfleet Library and Community Hub (OWLCHub)

Regrettably we have taken the decision to withdraw our bid to run Wainfleet Library.

Wainfleet Library has been located in a Grade 1 listed Scheduled Ancient Monument since 1968. It is leased by LCC from Magdalene College, Oxford.

OWLCHub’s initial bid to run the library service was based within this 15th century edifice, but after submitting the initial bid it became glaringly obvious that there was no way that a community group could contemplate running the site without significant financial backing.

OWLCHub then looked at other local venues where it might have been possible to house a library but, sadly, all the community buildings within the area are either unsuitable or would also demand prohibitive investment.

With hindsight we realise that we were running on an adrenaline high, we really did want to save the library and felt compelled to submit a bid by the 31st March deadline. However, until a suitable building is found, with adequate funding to maintain it, a further bid to run a library in Wainfleet is unrealistic.


Sara Baird


A full timeline of the Wainfleet group’s actions is here:

This latest announcement has been added to Save Lincolnshire Libraries ‘Volunteer Crisis’ page, a collection of statements from volunteer groups confirming they have withdrawn their Expression of Interest or support, or that do not take over the library willingly. As the council are still painting their volunteer reliant plan as rosy and sustainable, this record of what communities actually are thinking and doing is becoming increasingly important.

This page is here


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