Labour Press Release: The fight to save Lincolnshire Libraries goes on despite out of touch Tory arrogance…

Labour councillors in Lincolnshire have pledged to carry on their fight to protect libraries across the county – despite Tory insistence today (14/01/2015) that they will press ahead with massive cuts.

Today, six months after the High Court ordered that the Council’s original decision was flawed and should be quashed, the County Council simply re-published its original plans which threaten closure of up to 30 of the 44 libraries across Lincolnshire.
Cllr John Hough, Opposition (Lab – Louth South) Leader on Lincolnshire County Council said:

“With breath-taking arrogance, the out of touch Tories have stuck up two fingers to 24,000 people of Lincolnshire who asked them to think again.

“They have refused to listen to anyone – including those who have shown how all our libraries can continue to be professionally-run, with no cuts to opening hours and within their required budget.

Cllr Phil Dilks, (Lab – Deeping St James) Shadow Executive Member for Libraries said:

“Instead, they are determined to blackmail communities desperate to keep their library by saying that unless they volunteer to take it on, it will close.

“Over the past year, the Con-Dem Coalition who run Lincolnshire have:

• Vandalised libraries across the county
• Slashed opening hours by 40 per cent
• Sacked professional librarians
• Refused to consider there could be another way

“The decimation was only stopped in its tracks thanks to campaigners being prepared to challenge their actions in the High Court.

“Today, the county council had a chance to show it was prepared to listen. Sadly, they have kept their heads firmly in the sand. The people of Lincolnshire deserve better and we will continue to fight on their behalf.”


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