Alternative “County News” Page Mocked up by Library Campaigner

Wonderful satire from Save Lincolnshire Libraries Campaigner Bob Harrison via the Facebook group. County News is Lincolnshire County Council’s residents publication delivered to every householder.

Once again the County News dropped through my letter box and this time, before filing it in the appropriate bin, I decided to read the page on Libraries. It didn’t quite tally with my own view of what has been happening.
Illustrated below is the original page from Lincolnshire’s County News magazine.

The County News with it's spin on the library situation

The County News with it’s spin on the library situation

I thought it would be appropriate to produce my own, “Alternative County News page” on the background to the library situation, the current position and what may happen in future. This is my personal view so…
Illustrated below is my “Alternative County News” on libraries. (Please note the depleted book stock).

the Alternative County News

the Alternative County News





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