New Year Statement from Save Lincolnshire Libraries

CaptureIn June 2013 Lincolnshire County Council first announced that it was going to consult on reducing the library service with over 100 staff being made redundant and thirty libraries being left to close or to struggle on with volunteers. Much has happened since then.

In spite of everyone who was consulted being against the plan, the County Council Executive decided to go ahead with its attack on libraries. This was challenged in a Judicial Review at the High Court in July 2014 and the County Council decision was quashed, meaning it was unlawful.

Since then the County Council has been looking at what it should do next.

Finally in December 2014 it accepted, under the Localism Act, the expression of interest by Greenwich Leisure Ltd to run the Library Service.

The next step is to decide what kind of library service should be put out for a formal bid.

Save Lincolnshire Libraries’ aim remains the same as it was when it started in June 2013 – to keep libraries open across Lincolnshire run by professional and paid staff, supported by volunteers.

SLL will continue to campaign and work to ensure that this objective is achieved.

“Libraries are the foundation of learning and achievement. We have to fight to maintain this and that is what Save Lincolnshire Libraries will do. We want a modern library service, supported by investment, that will deliver now and in the future for everyone – and in particular for future generations of children,” said Julie Harrison, spokesperson for SLL.

More on our campaign:

Inside the Judicial Review, July 2014. We have two reports from people who were in the high court during the review. Click here our campaigner’s report, and click here for the report of the chair of The Library Campaign.

Click here to read The Save Lincolnshire Libraries Story so Far…

Our growing page of angry comments from communities forced into the volunteer library route

#Lobby4Libraries – read about our day in Westminster and visit to No 10 Downing Street.

FULL JUDICIAL REVIEW TO GO AHEAD Lincolnshire: Full Judicial Review of Library Service to go ahead The judge did not restrict the grounds of challenge, and therefore the 4 grounds will be considered by the High Court when the case is heard.

LETTER TO THE SECRETARY OF STATE A former Assistant Director at Lincolnshire County Council has written to The Rt. Hon Maria Miller MP, former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport to formally request that she intervene and order an urgent inquiry into the changes being made by the County Council to the Lincolnshire library service. Update, letter now sent to Sajid Javid, Maria Miller’s replacement.

Click here to read about the day when Helen Goodman MP (Shadow Minister for Libraries) visited campaigners at Ermine Library, 15 April.

Click here to read extensive press coverage of our #BigLibraryMarch in September 2013 

The Consultation – Click here to open the full PDF of the consultation report where people completely condemn the council’s plans and their consultation: SHU-Libraries-Consultation-Final-Report-31-October-2013 (2).  Click here to read: Our response to the consultation findings



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