Full #LibraryJudicialReview on Storify

All Tweets relating to the Library Judicial Review have now been gathered using Storify. They are in time order (oldest first).

Click this link to read the Tweets: #LibraryJudicialReview Tweets 

There is also now an excellent summary of events from Laura Swaffiled, chair  of The Library Campaign, who was also in attendance.  Click here to read that: My first JR! Two illuminating days in the High Court in London.

A quick reminder of the grounds of the review:

  • that the consultation was unlawful as the decision had already been taken
  • that the Council failed to ensure that the harm that was going to be caused by their decision was prevented, as required by the Equality Act
  • that the Council failed to properly consider the proposal by Greenwich Leisure Limited ( a not for profit agency who had bid to run the library service). As a result the Council had failed in its duties under the Localism Act (1)
  • that if the cuts go ahead Lincolnshire’s Library Service will no longer be comprehensive and efficient and therefore will breach the national requirements.

The Thunderclap had a massive impact at around 10.30. We’ve not included them in the Storify page, but the effect on the day was amazing. Thank you to all who took part. We’ve created a ‘TweetBeam’ of the Thunderclap here, have a look and see if you are there:




The Thunderclap presented as a TweetBeam





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