#LibraryJudicialReview Tweets from the High Court, Day 1

Campaigner Julie Harrison (who was in the court) has updated us with how things went:

“Today seems to have gone very well indeed, the judge certainly understood the points we were making and campaign members feel optimistic but until the defence speaks tomorrow it is hard to be sure. The particular issue that seems to be in our favour at the moment is the application by Greenwich Leisure which was not given any consideration by the council, this clearly did get the judge’s attention. Earlier on the judge seemed to think only having Tier 1 and Tier 2 libraries classed as ‘statutory’ was also an issue. Tomorrow there are other points to be put by our barrister, then it’s over to the legal team from the county council.”

Here are the rest of the Tweets from people present at the hearing, in (approximate) time order:

(@SimonDraper is the Lincoln resident behind the judicial review. @RosieCosy is a Save Lincolnshire Libraries campaigner. @ShedsArrows is a BBC journalist)  






The Judicial Review hearing will continue tomorrow (9th July). Follow key developments through social media with the hashtag#LibraryJudicialReview. The group’s Twitter account can be found at @SaveLincsLibraries and their Facebook group at SaveLincsLibraries.

The campaign group has also set up a ‘Thunderclap’ so supporters can all send out the same message on Twitter and Facebook, on the morning of day two of the hearing. Click here to take part on the Thunderclap Page – it really is a piece of cake to do.

Press Coverage of the Judicial Review



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