Author Abigail Tarttelin calls for donations to #SaveLincLibraries

The following is a Facebook post by author Abigail Tarttelin, who comes from Lincolnshire. 

Abigail Tarttelin's Facebook page where she posted her support

Abigail Tarttelin’s Facebook page where she posted her  message of support 

Dear lovely #Readers and #Friends,

Last year I learnt that my county in England, a rural county with a population of 1 million and some of the lowest average salaries in the UK, was facing cuts to its library service that would leave only 15 small libraries serving 1 million people and would mean that the service would not meet the provisions of the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act. It would only incur the loss of 170 jobs. I was so infuriated that I emailed an editor at the The Guardian and said I wanted to write about it (see link).

Guardian Article

Today, those cuts are moving forward unchallenged. We’re not near London, we’re not a rich county and I believe Westminster does not see the education and improvement of our young people – our people of any age! – via a free library service as important.

A Lincoln resident however, has called for a judicial review based on four points:

1. The decision had been made before the consultation
2. Not enough consideration was given to the needs of vulnerable people who would be affected by this decision
3. Not enough consideration was given to the bid to run some libraries by Greenwich Leisure
4. The future library service would not be ‘comprehensive and efficient’ as required by the 1964 Act of Parliament. This point last is crucial in protecting all libraries in the UK.

I have donated to this campaign today and I just wanted to let you all know about it. If any of you feel libraries are important perhaps you could give just £5 – the cost of a few coffees, to support the court costs. Even if you live far away, even if you’ve never been to England, I’m asking as a fellow human being, and someone who was fortunate enough to go through a lot of library books in my time.

Donating took 30 seconds – I did it via paypal:

Thank you #library #libraries #freereading #childrensbooks #authors #writing #amwriting #books #book #reading

You can read the original post here on Facebook:

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