Reply from Downing St for Save Lincs Libraries

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Campaigners say it’s Time for Action!


Following her presentation to No 10 Downing Street of the book ‘The Tip of the Iceberg’ along with a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to intervene to stop the wholesale cuts in the library service in Lincolnshire, Save Lincolnshire Libraries campaigner Julie Harrison has now received a letter from the Prime Minister’s office.

It says:

“I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister to thank you for your recent letter and petition.

“Mr Cameron is most grateful for the time and trouble you have taken to get in touch.

“I have been asked to forward your letter and petition to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport so that they too are aware of your views.

“Thank you once again for writing.”

“While I welcome the interest of the Prime Minister it is now time for action,” says Julie Harrison, a former head teacher.

“It was a privilege to represent the campaign at Downing Street. The letter and beautiful book of 900 overwhelming comments about Lincolnshire libraries made a considerable impact across the whole day. Likewise receiving a letter from the Prime Minister’s office so quickly has been very reassuring.

“It is pleasing to know that he has taken notice of our campaign and the issues have been passed forward, alongside our submission to the new Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport. However although we have cross-party support for the campaign we must not be complacent. We need the ongoing support of the general public if we are to keep Lincolnshire’s much needed libraries as a professionally run service.

“Lincolnshire County Council needs to start listening to the people of Lincolnshire, backed up by local conservative MPs, to look again at its plan – which it is going to implement in just two weeks time – to slash library opening times, to get rid of 170 jobs, and to take the Mobile Library Service away from over a hundred villages and hamlets.

“It is not too late for a change of mind – and if Lincolnshire County Council won’t change its mind the Secretary of State should use the powers he has under the public libraries act to intervene to ensure that Lincolnshire maintains a comprehensive public library service.”

Julie Harrison (right) leaves No 10 Downing St with five other Save Lincolnshire Libraries representative, at the end of the #Lobby4Libraries event

Julie Harrison (right) leaves No 10 Downing St with five other Save Lincolnshire Libraries representative, at the end of the #Lobby4Libraries event


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