Government Consults on the Future of Libraries

8a1537ddb54004c84ea559617b1f3ed0by Maurice Nauta, former Assistant Director at Lincolnshire County Council 

On the 8th February, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) published a request for evidence to a new Panel to inform a report on public libraries.

It is led by William Sieghart, and details can be found at the below site.

The three areas covered are:

(i) What are the core principles of a public library service into the future?
(ii) Is the current delivery of the public library service the most comprehensive and efficient?
(iii) What is the role of community libraries in the delivery of library “offer”?

Although some people may feel we have had enough reviews into the future of libraries, I see this as an opportunity for us to feed in positive ideas. I know here in Lincolnshire we can do this, as the County Council’s own Consultation was full of positive, well argued cases about principles, delivery and the role of libraries, which are what the review is about.

I encourage you to submit a response to the DCMS Questions yourself ( closing date 21st March, 2014). Evidence is confidential and not in the public domain until the go-ahead is given to publish it. I shall be making my own submission also. But feel free to feed any ideas through the SLL website if you to decide not to submit confidential evidence.

These notes might help you:

A. submission

(i) Create a Word file and call it Evidence to the Sieghart Libraries Review- ( followed by your name)
(ii) Head a document with the same title
(iii) Next identify yourself; your name and a little about you. Don’t be shy!
(iv) Limit your response to answering the Questions- to maximum 6 pages.
(v) Attach your document to an e-mail containing your full contact details and ask for acknowledgement of receipt.

B. A shorter letter

(i) Dear Sir or Madam
(ii) Same heading as above
(iii) Your views.
(iv) request that the letter be passed to the Panel for scrutiny’
(vi) Ask for acknowledgement of receipt.
(vii) Yours faithfully (and your contact details).

email either of the above to:

However small you might think your ideas are, please feed them through. You never know where they might lead. It is a pity that we do not have time or resources to organise our own “events” (meetings), as I am sure we could do a better job than LCC!

Finally this report in the Bookseller may be useful background:

Maurice Nauta

Maurice Nauta is a former Assistant Director at Lincolnshire County Council. Maurice has recently written to The Rt. Hon Maria Miller MP, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport to formally request that she intervene and order an urgent inquiry into the changes being made by the County Council to the Lincolnshire library service. Read more about this here


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