People of Lincolnshire – We Salute You!

Here are some gems from the Summary paragraphs of the Sheffield Hallum University report into the Lincolnshire Libraries Consultation.

7.1 “ In terms of the survey response rates, the quantity of completed surveys was high and the volume of qualitative data generated within these was exceptional. In over a decade of research work the analysis team of SHU had not experienced any survey (on any topic) generating such a high volume of qualitative data/ written comments.”
7.2 “There has been widespread criticism regarding the consultation process, the survey design and the consultation events.” (Examples are then given)
7.4 There is discussion of the negative impact on peoples’ lives and detrimental impact on local communities.
7.5 “Many participants found the survey and consultation events unsuitable or inadequate ways to communicate their feelings. “
This section also mentions ‘substantial praise’ for library staff.

Read the full report (PDF) here: SHU-Libraries-Consultation-Final-Report-31-October-2013 (2)

Even more reason for the council to answer the 13 questions detailed in our last post Consultation or Con?


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