To discuss a response to Lincolnshire County Council’s proposals to cut Horncastle Library’s opening hours in half (as a “Tier 2” library), cut library staff in Horncastle, cut mobile library services in the Horncastle area, and close libraries across Lincolnshire.

Representatives of Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Libraries & Heritage, Horncastle Town Council, and Save Lincolnshire Libraries will attend to discuss the town’s response to the council’s proposal.

Useful links:

Five things that you can do to help save Horncastle Library from cuts

  1. Support and use Horncastle Library!
  2. Attend the meeting on Thursday, 11th August – commencing 7pm.
  3. Encourage family and friends to sign our petition (available in Houlden’s, High Street, Horncastle) to trigger a proper debate at Lincolnshire County Council.
  4. Send individual emails to those who can decide or influence the future of Horncastle Library as a properly funded and professionally staffed library:
  5. Write letters to the editor for publication in the Horncastle News.

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