North Hykeham Town Council unanimous in supporting library fight

At their regular meeting (on the 5th of September), North Hykeham Town Councillors voted unanimously to support the town and county’s residents in campaigning against the closure of county libraries. North Hykeham library is among those designated as ‘tier three’ facilities which could be closed in favour of a volunteer-led or mobile service, under Lincolnshire County Council’s plans to save £2million from the libraries’ budget.

Cllr Peter Dixon, who proposed the motion to North Hykeham’s council, said:

“North Hykeham Town Council opposes the proposed closure of the town’s library. Furthermore, this Council supports the campaign being fought by local residents and library users to have our library reclassified correctly as a Tier two facility and therefore be exempt from the threat of closure. North Hykeham Town Council, with the support of library users, will also examine the possibility of taking over ownership of the library with a view to keeping it open at its current location and being manned by paid staff.”

In adding its voice to that of the campaigners, North Hykeham Town Council joins head of North Kesteven District Council Cllr Marion Brighton and MP for Gainsborough Sir Edward Leigh, who have also spoken out against Lincolnshire County Council’s plans.

Local campaigner Leah Warriner-Wood (31) added:

“As a campaigner for both North Hykeham library and libraries throughout the county, I’m heartened by the town council’s support of the cause. Though I live in North Hykeham, the Save Lincolnshire Libraries campaign I’m supporting is about keeping all libraries open, because to suggest that one community is somehow more deserving of its library than another is to take the county council’s flawed perspective. Having the support of our town council in this in the local government arena will be useful to myself and my fellow campaigners in our efforts, and I am grateful to the town council for their show of solidarity, and their community-mindedness on this issue.”

Mrs Warriner-Wood will also be speaking on behalf of Save Lincolnshire Libraries and formally delivering their petition to the Chairman of Lincolnshire County Council at their full council meeting next Friday (September 13). A public Save Lincolnshire Libraries demonstration to coincide with the meeting will be held outside County Offices on Newland, Lincoln from 9am on that day. A further public demonstration, marching through Lincoln, will be held on Saturday September 21 from 12noon.

Save Lincolnshire Libraries:

North Hykeham Town Council:


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