Campaign gets off the ground in Sutton on Sea

Dune vegetationThe local campaign group Save Sutton on Sea Library are holding a public meeting on Thursday, 22nd August, from 6:00pm, in St Clements Church Hall, Church Lane, Sutton on Sea.

Details of the event are on their website. The campaign in SoS has already made the front page of their local newspaper, the Mablethorpe & Sutton on Sea Leader.

Coastal communities desperately need their libraries. There are particular problems in Lincolnshire with “hidden” poverty and social exclusion in isolated rural & coastal areas. Library cuts will only make this situation worse.

Like all councils, Lincolnshire has a statutory obligation to provide a “comprehensive and efficient” library service (Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964). We believe that these cuts would leave the county without a comprehensive service, and that the most deprived rural & coastal areas of Lincs would be hardest hit.

In the view of a Commons Select Committee Enquiry, “…the wholesale transfer of library branches to volunteer groups is unlikely to meet the statutory criterion of providing a ‘comprehensive and efficient’ library service“. Volunteers, when properly supported by library staff working together in the same building, can bring enthusiasm and passion to local libraries, but professionally-managed services ensure quality and equality for all library users, including the most vulnerable people in society.

You can contact Save Lincolnshire Libraries via our website, at:

Save Sutton on Sea Library have their own campaign website, at:


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