Public meeting in Lincoln: SAVE ERMINE LIBRARY!

Public meeting

To discuss Ermine Community’s response to Lincolnshire County Council’s proposals to permanently close your Library.

St John the Baptist, Ermine Estate, LincolnCounty Councillor, Mrs. Judy Renshaw will be attending. City Councillors, the Head of Libraries and the LCC Executive Member for Libraries have also been invited.

All welcome – please come!

Useful links:

Five things that you can do to save Ermine Library

  1. Support and use Ermine Library!
  2. Encourage family and friends to sign our petition to trigger a proper debate at Lincolnshire County Council.
  3. Send individual emails to those who will decide the future of Ermine Library as a properly funded and professionally staffed library:
  4. Write letters to the editor for publication in the Lincolnshire Echo.
  5. Link up to create a Book Circle around the Library at 10:30am on Saturday, 27th July. Bring your favourite book to read a couple of lines!

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