"The Martian Chronicles" by Ray Bradbury

“The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury

I have no idea that reading power brought me to Mars. The fingers of one hand are enough to count the science fiction books I’ve read. In his widely read the post I chose to stick to the present and the past. Meanwhile I reached after ray Bradbury Potter’s “Martian Chronicles” – after all, it’s a Western literature classic. I went from the assumption that, contrary to the resistance to the genre should know. Well, I didn’t think The” Martian Chronicles ” with each story, BA, on each side, would please me more and more.

“The Martian Chronicles” is a short story Ray Bradbury that was first published in 1950.

"The Martian Chronicles" is a short story Ray Bradbury that was first published in 1950.Everything that happens between Mars and Earth for about thirty years (1999-2026). Technology has gone ahead, a rocket has been built, you can capture the entire space, so why not? These expeditions they go to Mars. Contrary to expectations, Humans have not met the enthusiastic natives. Also do not know how to find myself in a completely different reality, not able to understand it. Science hasn’t explained everything yet. Some of the pioneers-endowed with great sensitivity-they know that the RAID on Mars has become associated with the destruction of a culture that boasts several centuries of existence. Here is an excerpt from the story about the fate of the fourth expedition to Mars. That’s what one of the members of the expedition, the Spender, thinks:

“On the first night on Mars should not make noise, to announce his alien, meaningless brilliance of the furnace. That would be almost blasphemy. Later there will be a time of heating, the time for throwing cans of milk drained into the depths of the proud Martian canals, the time on page “new York times”, fluttering in the breeze and rustled at the bottom of the lone gray Martian seas, time for skins from bananas and candy wrappers after spices, a delicate żłobkowanych among the ruins of ancient Martian cities. Plenty of time. This thought led to the, that waver in a spirit of “.

Spender and the captain will be held this conversation:

“- We will not destroy Mars, – the captain protested. – Too big and too beautiful.
– You think so? We earth men have a talent to destroy the great beautiful things. This is why we have not placed hot dogs in the middle of the Egyptian temple in Karnak that it lies aside and it does not attract traders. In addition, Egypt is only a small part of the Earth. Here, however, the whole world is old and strange, and we must settle down somewhere and start spoiling everything. The channel will be called Rockefeller, the mountain-king George, the sea-DuPont; we also baptize the city names Lincoln, Roosevelt and Coolidge, and nothing will be as it should be, because these places have their correct names “.

It’s a novel woven from wonderful stories.

It's a novel woven from wonderful stories.But as a result of dramatic circumstances, the colonization of Mars becomes possible, which is why the inhabitants are in danger of a nuclear war on Earth (a reflection of the real fears of Americans in the 50s.) ordinary use. Ray Bradbury describes the settlement of the planet.

Mars is in the “new beautiful world”. Everything is exciting, presents new opportunities. However, soon the researchers of this world will become residents, cover the Martian ruins of their buildings, install phones and open hot dogs. The fourth planet will be the third. Encounters with an alien civilization will not always be peaceful “The Martian Chronicles” by Ray Bradbury. Meanwhile, the Earth will become an analogue of Mars, so far away that to the non-existent-and only the growing threat of war, makes the colonists remember the roots. Bradbury describes it with great attention.

I was amazed by the variety of these stories, their depth seduced and amazed, and the pronunciation scared me. I expected an excess of technology, a representation of a fictional world in which the existence-at least on the cards of the novel-do not believe. I received for this book, in which I easily found myself. Bradbury played it wisely. Space is just a relay race. Each of these stories carries a message-always far from moralizing. This is a vivid protest against colonization (but without the black-and-white division into bad Earthlings and good, peaceful Martians).

How will the colonization of Mars end?

How will the colonization of Mars end?Critical phenomena of America, thoughtlessly seized for themselves foreign lands, without respect for culture, because in the end what’s the difference if you can earn. Some maps of the” Martian Chronicles ” resemble a horror film, and other stories could be qualified within the limits of psychological prose (in the science fiction version) by treating alone, niezrozumieniu, to cope with grief. I’m sure some were inspired by Stephen king. Bradbury himself a few years after writing ” Chronicles…”will develop the story” Usher II “in his most famous novel”451º Fahrenheit”. And it was all written in amazingly beautiful language. Here is a description of a burning house with the penultimate of the stories:

In the tenth house began to die. (…) The house is still trying to save. The door slammed shut dull, but the Windows have deviated from the heat and, once inside, the wind lit the fire. The house receded; the fire by moving forward orsaka billion angry sparks, raked another room. Soon he reached the stairs and went upstairs. Meanwhile, from the walls jumped out of the herd of water rats, who shot his load and dissent after another portion. From sprinklers in suspended flowed river streams of mechanical rain. It’s too late, though. Somewhere in the depths of the house one of the pumps gnashed and froze. The rain stopped. The spare water tank, which for many days filled the bath, wash dishes, exhausted itself in the end. The fire ran down the stairs, devouring hangs in the lobby of Picasso and Matisse as the biggest treats, toasting oily flesh, gently pulling out of the canvas black crispy gills.

The Martian Chronicles is one of the best books I’ve read this year. And, of course, the one that she made me in the greatest amazement. I didn’t think I’d enjoy a science fiction novel. Well, I wish you many such discoveries next year!

Like its cursed hero, Stephen King’s Elevation is bizarrely thin

Like its cursed hero, Stephen King’s Elevation is bizarrely thin

Reading the new king is a malicious act for the reader because it causes a persistent, indelible sense of inadequacy and nothingness. What the writer presents to us in” exaltation “ is just a faint sketch of one of the successive monumental, typical king novels, which lacked neither idea nor zeal.

Nonsense joke.

Nonsense joke.Basically, looking back at the totality of the creativity of the American writer, “Rise” seems to be a joke that was released to the publishing market. This novel is hardly even a story. King got used to his stories, tedious, very lengthy introductions to the plot the right one-which, after all, we all love, and which occur not only in full-scale novels, but also in stories reprinted in collections.

In the “Exaltation”, which is shorter than the one in response, introducing gawęda, king immediately, without further ADO, goes to business. And it’s not that the changes that the author presents in his latest book seem strange to me, which causes my discomfort, and so I consider a negative phenomenon. Two things surprise me: the surprisingly low level of this text, as well as the fact of the release of this short form to the market in the form of a separate, independent existence.

“Rise” can be an addition to a full-scale novel, as a context, recognition, surprise; or be reprinted, more like a curiosity than a full-fledged the narrative, in another collection of short stories. Intentionally write “interesting fact”, as for fans of the King” Rise ” will be disappointing, but, nevertheless, a novelty. I was surprised how ridiculous the story was. To say that this book is about anything, to say nothing-it is a text that is ashamed to put in the box. Especially for someone like king.


Disappearance“Rise” is a story about a man in his Prime, who notes a pathological disease: suddenly begins to lose weight dramatically. However, this is not a repetition of “Chudszego”, the main character, Scott Carey, does not suffer from any disease, what is more-about weight loss learns only after stanięciu weight, his body is not subject to any changes, health does not change. Like its cursed hero, Stephen King’s Elevation is bizarrely thin. The new situation does not particularly affect Scott’s life, on the contrary — never felt better. The main character decides to put up with slow… disappearance?

King once again introduces us to the well-known universe of the town of castle Rock, where the most ridiculous things happen (if we stopniować absurdity). Absurd as sudden weight loss with no visible bodily changes not caused by disease; or the burning hostility of residents to local lesbian marriage, whose financial problems are caused only by intolerance and hostility of neighbors. The king in this book addresses the issue of homosexuality, how a non-heteronormative relationship (especially legalized) is perceived and handled by a seemingly open and tolerant American society. “Rise” is some scheme, which, it would seem, has long been eliminated.

According to local residents of castle Rock, the marriage of two women is a phenomenon of the disease that should not exist, and if it has already happened, it should remain a secret. This “pathology” is represented as the neighbors of the protagonist, who are the owners of local restaurants, enjoying great food and poor attendance, caused solely by their mutual relationship. The king in the”elevation” does not fight intolerance, but only signals about it, notes its continuation. Unfortunately, the orientation of the thread ends with a list of important, good aspects of this book.

Little King

Little KingIt’s hard for me to write that “rise” is “king at its worst” because king isn’t in that book too much. That’s right, the universe, some heroes, and that would be the end of that enumeration. If I hadn’t known that this story made king, I would suspect its the uprising of one of the sons of the writer. But no, come back, it would be shameless on my part. “Elevation” is a dune of novels, deserts.

In this story there is nothing but important-the thread of homosexual (though not well built, suppose, however, that the main number, the main thing-the idea) and very little pomyślanej stories about the disappearance of the protagonist, which is usually a lot of major problems than what is now cease to exist. I decompose my hands helplessly. I hope “rise” is the king’s game with the reader, proving that even his weak books will be read by the crowds. Forgive the king, the King knows what he’s doing. I probably believe him, though.

Paul Bowles - American composer, translator, and author

Paul Bowles – American composer, translator, and author

There’s this famous photo from the beatniks ‘ trip to Tangier. It from left to right: Peter Orlovsky, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Alan Ansen, Gregory Corso and Ian Sommerville. Between them sits, like as is missing, an elegant, slender a man in bright suit. This Is Paul Bowles.

Bowles – no, we travel

Bowles - no, we travelOn the cover of Paul Bowles ‘ recently released autobiography without addition, we have a quote from the new York times: “Bowles has become an icon of individualism. Disappeared as biografom, as critics, although his emigrant life attracted equally that take his creative experiments”. Fact. Bowles is difficult to fit into any literary group, because he was not a beatnik – as some think-despite the fact that he was friends with beatniks and that his way of life (more than literature) they admired. In principle, it is difficult even to call him a writer. Early composer, journalist or poet.

Before Paul Bowles found out forever that he wanted to write his stories, he dreamed of a poetic career. As a young man, he sent poems to the international Paris literary handwriting”transition”. Debuted on its pages in the spring of 1928 with the line “Spire Song” that it remained in immense pride. There was no type of young man who, by writing, has a clear purpose and hundreds of objections to shout out to the world.

“The only desire was an expression, or perhaps more like a strong allocation of his personality by all available means; nothing else was taken into account,” he recalls. He went to art school with the intention of becoming an artist, but eventually became a composer. He was a student of Aaron Copland, wrote intimate music, also composed films and plays. One of his most famous achievements in this area is the music for tragedy “Yerma” Federico ghersi of Lorca exhibited in 1955. Bowles was also a pioneer in recording North African music-for two years he recorded for the Library of Congress.

Although music played such an important role in his life, this letter overshadowed everything else. At one point, while on the road, Bowles found himself wanting to write what he was experiencing. He started from journalistic orders for the next magazine, until finally turned to writing novels. His writing is characterized by a reporter’s style. As he himself noted, telling, wants pint, as the most impartial attitude. To this reporter’s skeleton is added what he wants, but this is the poetic part of his writing.

In writing, the most pronounced is he himself

In writing, the most pronounced is he himselfLooking at the world that inspires them, and accepting it with all his feelings in a state of full concentration. Traveling with Paul Bowles, we experience images, sounds, smells, and the following spaces become quite tangible. Interestingly, he himself had about your talent, slightly less enthusiastic phrases: “a long time Ago I came to the conclusion that the world is too complex for me to try to describe it in words; since I couldn’t understand life, I also wouldn’t be able to find any links that might be common to both me and my hypothetical reader.”

Paul Bowles was born December 10, 1910 in new York city, in Queens. He was the only child of Rena (from home Winnewisser) and Claude Dietz Bowles of. He grew up in an old, classic brownstone-style building, in a typical middle-class family from long island, with its characteristic economic status and ambitions. In material terms, childhood was comfortable, emotionally it was different. Mother was him, to be sure, closer, this she imposed his in the world literature, reading child Nathaniel Hawthorne or Edgar Allan best art on.

My father was a stern, overbearing man who had many rules, mostly meaningless. Family legend has it that he left the newborn sex on the window during a snow storm… maybe not, but Bowles believed the story and weighed it on his relationship with his parent. In “tirelessly” recalls, among other things, the memory of how my father beat him once. The description of the small Floor gripping tightly the teeth, just to not give his father satisfaction crying or screaming, resembles the character of Henry from the book “with ham at once”, which is constantly beating for “bad lawn trimmed”.

Bowles had no friends or even colleagues as a child, so he played alone. Spent a lot of time with adults: grandparents, grandmothers, friends of parents. He read a lot (from the third year) and wrote. From the existence of other children did not understand until the end of the matter, he met them only at school.

Bowles – diary over the world

Bowles - diary over the worldCarefree youth in abundance, undoubtedly, contributed to the fact that Paul Bowles loved a comfortable life. The rigid framework of childhood could sow in him the desire to communicate with people liberated from the norms and daily worries. He played in artistic and aristocratic circles of Paris, new York and all the other cities he visited. He knew artists, writers, poets, princesses, counts, millionaires. To some extent, he was impressed by this knowledge and become a member of high society.

Gertrude Stein, with whom he had been friends for many years, called him “the most dissolved, soulless and selfish young man she had ever met, and his colossal self-satisfaction prompted him to reject any borrowed values, caused him horror.” She called it”metro savage.” Bowles wasn’t the drunk wine type in the attic and hitchhiking. No, no. He lived in the best hotels, and he was always followed by several porters with numerous bags. When he stayed somewhere for longer, rented a house, cooks, maid.

Yes, he could sleep in the cold, travel on an uncomfortable ship, or compose on an old, borrowed piano. However, it has not been a book member of the Bohemians. Always well dressed, nienadużywający alcohol (although there was a time when using whiskey eliminated youth without whiskey), with marijuana, too, did not like, did not cause scandals. As an artist, he regarded as something definitely internal, not external.

He wrote: “I was convinced that the artist, who is the enemy of society, it is necessary for their own good to remain as invisible as possible, and, of course, should not catch the eye and stand out from the crowd. Somewhere in the recesses of the soul fed the assumption that art and crime are inextricably linked; the higher the art, the dotkliwsza punishment for its cultivation.” Interestingly in the form of Paul Bowles, that he, with one hand, produced impression tinted, delicate, slightly smiling human, with cigarette in mouth and reading under with the mouse, in hat, without special deviations. On the other hand, in his works jawił as a sensitive artist, an outstanding intellectual, an intelligent observer who lacks courage and bravado.

What makes Jo Nesbø the perfect crime writer?

What makes Jo Nesbø the perfect crime writer?

In the novel” cockroaches ” Joe Nesbo sends his favorite hero, police Harry Holi, to Bangkok. In the hotel Elevator Hole meets once Ty who rozpromienia on the news that a friend of his short trip is a Norwegian citizen. “I heard about your famous compatriot,” he says. – Ibsen? – it interrogates the hole. – And maybe Munch? No: pride of Norway, whose fame has reached even in Thailand, is the reserve player of Manchester United, OLE Gunnar Solskjaer.

Criminal male cases

Criminal male cases

“Cockroaches” appeared in 1998. and it looks like the world has changed a bit since then. World media again write about ” perhaps the most famous Norwegian since Ibsen and Munch.” However, they do not define it as a player, namely 52-year-old Joe Nesbo today. If only it is not called the successor to Stieg Larsson. What annoys the author of the “red throat”. Not only because in Scandinavia (as well as in many European countries, including Poland) was a bestseller and is highly appreciated by the criticism of the criminal writer, when the author of the “Millennium” no one heard what makes Jo Nesbø the perfect crime writer. Also-Bo Nesbo admits that he made his way only through one and a half volumes of Larsson’s famous trilogy.

But he understands that he is the beneficiary of his success. If the Millennium hadn’t been wiped across the ocean of trails, probably Nesbo wouldn’t have been recognized as an expert on Scandinavian violence, the prestigious new York times asked for an expert analysis of the situation in Norway after last year’s Anders Breivik coup. Or he’d sell five million copies of his Bigfoot to the United States. And not zainteresowałby this book himself Martin Scorsese, who wants to shoot a movie version.

The filmmakers have already tasted his prose. Adaptation of the penultimate novel Nesbo – ” bounty hunters”, implemented by Morten Tyldum, which was released on our screens, collected in the world rave reviews. The film is compared with the works of Tarantino and the brothers Cohen, also planned his Hollywood remake. It’s a bit paradoxical: “bounty hunters,” a novel about a corporate HeadHunter who, to meet the financial expectations of a beautiful wife, makes art theft, it’s a bit of a byproduct of writing Nesbø. Not so much the author’s favorite black detective story as an adventure novel. Yes, the scene in which the hero hides from the predator office to the ears in human feces, has a special charm. However, Nesbø fans still welcomed the “bounty hunters” with some drawback.

“Larsson Effect”. Joe Nesbo on the phenomenon of Scandinavian detectives

From success to success, the path that passed through Nesbo to writer’s fame was closed and full of paradoxes. Today he admits that he was actually sentenced to literature because he grew up between books: his mother was a librarian and his father a bibliophile. So Joe as a child tried to write stories, was the end for him is not the best. When the school asked an essay on “day in the forest”, the future author of” bounty Hunters ” – wrote opowiadanko, in which all the characters died. And the Board is concerned about the state of his psyche calling on Joe’s parents.

"Larsson Effect". Joe Nesbo on the phenomenon of Scandinavian detectives

Was born in Oslo, a boy lived then in a provincial Molde. And he began to develop other talents. With a very good result: as a 17-year-old he had a reputation as a capable player, and coached football with a clear plan: to become a football player of London “Tottenham”. And maybe even would have been a cruciate ligament injury, was, however, not cured. This was perhaps the only period in his life when he had the right to feel like a loser. From football plans went out the threads for this passion made the result insignificant degree not to take any interesting research.

In despair, he joined the army. After completing his three-year Ministry, he began to study business and management, which bore him to death. Soon he had to start the strangest assumption-in some sense a schizophrenic-period in his life. Despite his dislike for the study of Nesbo, he made a brilliant career as a stock broker and financial analyst. At the same time, was lured his comrades, began to sing, play the guitar and write texts for pop group Di Derre. And here, too, is a success.

Di Derre happened in the 90s. one of the most popular Norwegian bands. The band recorded four well-selling in the local market drive. It was quite popular that one of the publishers offered Nesbo to write a book-stories about the adventures of Di Derre during the tour. The musician promised to consider the offer and went on vacation to Australia. As he recalls, during a 30-hour flight from Oslo to Sydney, he came up with a book – so much so that it was completely different than the publisher expected. Criminal novel about a Norwegian detective who is now in Sydney is investigating.

A hero with problems

This trip was supposed to be revolutionary for Nesbø. Then I came to the conclusion that he has everything: his own house, and a rock band, excellent work and an excess of money. Returning to Norway, he quit his job and quickly wrote a novel invented on the plane. So there was a “man-bat” – literary debut Nesbø. And so was born Harry Hole-one of the most intriguing detectives in modern literature criminal. The future writer, however, doubted if the novel is to show the world.

A hero with problems

He wasn’t sure of his talent, and he knew that the local pop star would be given even the worst literary trash. So he sent the book to the publisher under a pseudonym: only when she received a confession, he revealed his identity. From that moment on, he created book after book, and even novels broke records of popularity and won more and more prestigious laurels. “Bat-man “was the” only ” crime novel of 1997. in Norway. Released three years later, “Red throat” has already received the award for the best Norwegian detective of all time, has gained popularity in Europe. I have established a written scheme modified by Nesbo in subsequent books.

This is not Larsson, because he invented the key figure in modern Scandinavian literature, to put it briefly ” ” men who hate women.” He’s done it before, Nesbo. In the “Red throat” broke the myth of the land severally allotted Nazi resistance. He told about the Norwegian soldiers fighting on the side of Hitler on the Eastern front. And their relationship with neo-Nazi neo-Nazi groups.

Not only about Nazism in the strict sense went; more about the rebirth of what once Erich Fromm called an authoritarian personality. In the first novels Nesbø she even first and last name. This is Tom Vaaler, a police officer who loves harmony and order, but shoots homeless or immigrants, using violence against women, fascinated by weapons. He is the embodiment of evil (like Breivik).

Where’s good? When in 2010. Nesbø accepted in Wroclaw the honorary Award of a large Caliber for life achievements, I asked him why he made his hero-alcoholic. He replied – you know, I’m tired of those American tough guys who pour until late at night and then like they never chase anything gangsters. I wanted the Hole to be a problem: with addiction, with a friend, with the prospect of their own complete decline.
This is precisely the Hole-in punk rock glanach, dirty, fought alcohol, drugs, full of self – doubt, but the protection of the private moral code-in this world guardian of okay, BA, public order.

This, of course, a bit, as he Nesbø. A writer who, with unusual best-selling writers, unscrupulously persuaded the publisher not to publish another Harry Hall story because it’s too weak. And that speaks to some disgust, which has, for the last stories about the detective – “stone heart” – in several scenes was too much cruelty. “I have to stop one sentence earlier,” he says. And to detox himself a bit, he starts writing another series of books-funny children’s stories.

Best Biographies and Memoirs

Best Biographies and Memoirs

the best stories write life, and the Director Pasikovski-preaches the known statement. Sometimes, though, you don’t even need Pasikowski, you just need a little time to record your memories. You can also wait until there is someone willing to do it for us. Biographies and autobiographies are very popular in the literary market. Among them, however, many are terribly weak positions.

Poles are the best

In the case of autobiography is often the fault of the author himself, who does not know how interesting to imagine his life, too she lies, has a weak ghostwriter or just nothing interesting to transfer. So with the biographies of writers, which are taken for making other people’s lives, do not have this relevant knowledge, create a postcard-heart or just imagining things. Fortunately, with all this thicket you can extort names that are worth attention-intriguing and neatly written.

Poles are the best

Take, for example, the book “poles are the best”. This catchy name does not hide the Pianos in honor of our nation, but the specific story of a canadian who served in the 303 division during world war II. Johnny Kent recorded his memories from that period, and his daughter added their corresponding comment – so there was a book that represents a significant contribution to the history of the famous squad.

Part of Kent’s story by the power of things coincides with the stories of other pilots, but in fact a lot of material presents things less known or presented from a completely different perspective. It is also a book about the fight against prejudice: initially Kent was a pole, directed reluctantly, considered the service in their unit recognition of honor. Over time, however, he got to know them better, appreciated the value of his new colleagues and became one of them. For fans of the history of the SECOND world war, this provision is mandatory for others – just an interesting book that you read in one breath.

They introduced me to the Bareta of the cross of the brave and insisted that I immediately put it on my uniform. The Party was absolutely fantastic, but I managed to survive and at three o’clock in the morning the only deuce holding still on our feet were the two of us: johnny Zumbach, my Number Two, and me. And I walked him to bed! This feat is a fairly significant impact on my reputation among the Poles.

Kent was not the only foreign military who was sympathetic to our people. Another character with similar tastes and perhaps even more interesting memories was Adrian Carton de Viard, an aristocrat, a soldier – one of those who are said to have their experiences shared by several other people. In the army, when it had been possible. Already at the age of 18, he took part in hostilities in Somalia. Fought Best Biographies and Memoirs in both world wars. In the fighting he lost an eye, hand, and broke his spine.

He was friends with the powerful in this world. Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle and Joseph Pilsudski. For a long time he lived in Poland, in the estate, presented to him by king Radziwill. Interesting fact: his loners could only be reached by boat. Always inclined to take risks, not afraid of almost anything, acting quickly and decisively – it is not surprising that the British government considered him the right man for contacts with the poles. That is why he became a member of the British military mission in Poland (and very quickly their leader).

The Black count. Glory, revolution, betrayal and the real count of Monte Cristo

Another soldier, which book is worth read – Thomas-Alexander Dumas. To learn his fate, by the way, to get the book Volume Reissa, called “the Black count. Glory, revolution, betrayal and the real count of Monte Cristo.” Everyone knows that Dumas, the author of the Three Musketeers. Few, however, know that his father was no less interesting figure. Thomas Dumas was born on the island of San Domingo. He was the son of the Marquis de Pilleteri and black slave Cessette Dumas.

The Black count. Glory, revolution, betrayal and the real count of Monte Cristo

De Pailleterie was not a good father – he sold his minor son into slavery. However, young Dumas managed to regain his freedom and get to France. There he received an education and a certain position in society. Told on the side of the revolution, and as the commander checked in battle, but the real fame he brought the Napoleonic wars. It was then that won the biggest victory, unfortunately, the conflict with the Emperor himself made you his diligent honor to him.

In addition to Dumas ‘ biography, Reiss also described in detail the situation of slaves, former slaves and people with darker skin. “Black count…”- this is a book, touching themes, which are often przemilcza-the author fills these gaps and shows the world at the turn of the XVIII and XIX centuries from a slightly different side. Thomas-Alexandra was seventeen when he began his studies at the Academy. He was almost four years older than Saint-Georges when he got into this school, but he looked more forceful and aggressive in his fighting style, using his height, speed and strength. He was with a sword.


Fast forward to the present. “Lemons” by Emmanuel Carrer, or a French writer, writes about a Russian writer. From the very beginning the author admits that Eduard Limonov fascinates him. And it is hardly surprising: Limonow is a character, at least, intriguing. Writer, poet, the people against the politician of the opposition. A young bully and a petty thief. The founder of the national Bolshevik party (together with scientist and occultist Alexander Dugina and punk musician Yegor Letov).

Conflicting almost the entire Russian stage of the literary (Solzhenitsyn called him a little weak in collaboration pornography) and the most political. Member of the war in the Balkans. A terrorist suspect, he spent some time in prison. From such elements just need to create a decent biography – and Carrère Barnes succeeded. Reading his book, there is a wild desire to get acquainted with Limonov even more. Unfortunately, in Poland there was only one book by this author:”it’s me, Edichka.”


Another artist in our article-that should not surprise anyone, because many of them had a really impressive resume. Agony and ecstasy is a monumental work by Irving stone dedicated to the life of Michelangelo. The author spent several years in Italy, collecting materials and empathizing with the situation of the master of the Renaissance. Stone did not want to present the life story of the Creator, but his struggle painting – titular suffering and ecstasy. Conflicts with loved ones and other great artists of the era (in particular, Leonardo and Raphael) are mixed with descriptions of the creative dilemma. And all this against the background of a richly outlined era. Thanks to this, a novel was created, full of passion, showing the complex personality of Michelangelo.

At what age is it finest to charts-online.org begin finding out

The new Samsung program “Junior Coding Masters”, by introducing the primary essentials of coding into kindergartens, intends to develop soft skills in kids such as finding out to believe logically or group job skills. The program is likewise to share understanding about the safe use modern-day innovations as well as shape good digital practices.

Whether it’s an excellent idea for coding activities for youngsters or just how our youngsters can benefit from them is informed by Justyna Korzeniewska, PhD in humanities, kid psycho therapist as well as expert in the “Junior Coding Champions” program.

That is why it is tough to prepare a kid for something unidentified

Agnieszka Moczyróg: According to experts, both our country and the whole of Europe to create should be a lot more ingenious in the coming years, which indicates adjustments in the nature of the job of many Poles. Is it worth assuming today regarding how to prepare our children forever and also future operate in a brand-new atmosphere? Press material Dr Justyna Korzeniewska: The contemporary labor market is very dynamic, due to the fact that it has to respond to rapid technical and also social modifications.

Existing parents of kids must be gotten ready for the truth that their children will operate in occupations that are not yet around. That is why it is tough to prepare a kid for something unidentified. Nonetheless, there is one point that for numerous decades has actually looked like a long-term propensity of modern-day civilization. It is a significantly prevalent use digital technologies that are starting to be existing in professions that do not have straight links with IT.

Can kids discover shows? At what age is it finest to begin finding out? And also if my child can not manage it? Psychological examinations, however additionally social monitorings reveal that kids get new abilities faster than grownups. For example, amongst deportees, children discover the brand-new language the fastest.

This is how the program charts-online.org was prepared

This is even more true for electronic innovations, which are the requirement for the more youthful generation and also for their parents an uniqueness to which they approach with distance. Obviously, the most effective results of education and learning are attained when this natural tendency of children to absorb novelties is supported by the prep work of appropriate programs, types of work, mentor approaches. This is how the program “Masters of Junior Coding” was prepared, appreciating the predispositions as well as charts-online needs of children.

This is how the program charts-online.org was prepared

Press material Has any person ever before studied on exactly how these tasks can influence the youngest? Knowing programs, based upon cautious evaluation and also logical thinking resembles sudoku, board and also chess games.

No person questions that these mental pastimes have a favorable result on the mental growth of a person.

Study focuses on figuring out the level of this favorable result, i.e. balls on which, along with the advancement of IT proficiencies, setting scientific research influences. Scientists expect similar outcomes as in the so-called the impact of Mozart, which consists in the reality that paying attention to the songs of this composer creates mathematical abilities.

These are the skills needed to work

Will future knowledge of the essentials of programs help youngsters find a great work? Each brand-new capability increases the opportunities of success in today’s really requiring work market. What kids will certainly find out as component of the “Junior Coding Champions” program assists twice as. Teaches imaginative as well as skilled use digital technologies, as well as they are, and also will certainly be extensively utilized in different professions in the future.

  • Furthermore, he creates social proficiencies, instructs the concepts of excellent cooperation, and effective solving of team tasks.
  • These are the skills needed to work in each team and in each position. He can utilize them throughout the task meeting if a person has them.
  • Then he uses them in charts-online his specialist life every day, meeting people, presenting his arguments, negotiating the policies of work.

Press product Suppose my kid does not wish to end up being an IT professional? This is excellent, because now and in future, humankind will absolutely require representatives of numerous careers. Also if computers are much more commonly utilized than they are now, material will likewise be needed to process them. Someone will certainly need to produce products to ensure that they can be bought online.

What benefits does the charts-online.org child pick up from programs

One more will certainly be writing publications available via the virtual library. It will certainly likewise work for a person who creates medical understanding, also if the first medical diagnosis is made by the doctor based upon the videochat with the person. However, each of the agents of various professions will certainly use different programs to collect and assess information, style, prepare simulations, and also make their items readily available to receivers.

What benefits does the charts-online.org child pick up from programs

Monitoring of modifications in recent decades, suggests that in the future the fundamentals of programs will certainly be such an ability as today’s driving license. It is a chauffeur’s occupation, yet additionally the majority of adults are grasping this ability to please their very own tra requires What benefits does the child pick up from programs as part of the “Junior Coding Champions” project as well as does it much better create imagination than various other extra activities?

Or maybe it’s far better to allow the kid have fun with their peers? In the “Junior Coding Champions” program, youngsters discover logical thinking, concepts of cooperation and also essentials of programs at the same time.

Therefore, these classes have a general developmental character as well as have a favorable influence on various spheres of youngster’s functioning. Similar to other extra-curricular activities, the objective is not to show a details ability, only unified advancement. Kids learn to play instruments, dancing, swim, not because in the future to play in the orchestra, to dance in ballet, or to exceed in the pool.

A mindful computer system charts-online.org user

Very few of them will certainly do it, but they will all develop much better psychophysically if they take such diverse activities in youth. It’s the same with programs learning. Just some kids will certainly become programmers, however all will learn just how to solve sensible troubles and also problems in the team. Courses “Junior Coding Champions”, along with most other extra activities, occur in a team, so there is no anxiety that it is at the expense of playing with peers.

Press product And if such activities affect my kids severely? There is a lot of discuss just how time invested before a computer system is merely harmful. Time invested passively in front of a computer system is in fact not beneficial.

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If you remain in a scenario where a gift personalized reviews you are thinking about retraining – it deserves utilizing this moment

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Knowledge of this sort of technology could dramatically boost profits from above-average to really high

This is my subjective analysis, really biased – I compose backend in java myself as well as it most likely has a considerable result on my assumption. If you are considering independent knowing – I wish that this description will certainly provide you some sight and also a starting point to read more concerning the topic.

Along with the characteristics, I designated 3 parameters to every of the paths: Time to market – evaluation of how much time it will take to acquire abilities that could be used at the workplace as a junior (in the case of SQL, it can be made use of in many professions as a complement to skills). a gift personalized reviews In order to begin the adventure in a younger placement, it is presumed that concerning 20 hrs of efficient learning weekly will certainly be needed.

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library 1

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This operate in my subjective evaluation is less interesting than application programming a gift personalized reviews

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library 2

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My first code transformeded into a working product was a basic website. I was 12 years old. I borrowed from my uncle a thick publication with the word “Internet”, where I found an example HTML code. I rewrote it faithfully in Notepad, I transformed the expansion and … Voilà! I started to play with the change of shade, bold font, and so on.

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It was simply the happiness of production a gift personalized reviews

library 3

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However I still lacked the sense of creation that so highly affected me at the age of 12. The very first programs in university likewise bored, until tasks on the 2nd level of study, where you could do the job on any kind of topic in the provided modern technology. I connected to my language interests and also made a wayward program to support the understanding of the Finnish verb conjugation.

I have never ever found out Finnish, but … Ha! It was simply the happiness of production. I felt the same at the age of 12. I have stamina in my hands and also I will not be reluctant to use it for a simply purpose. On the other hand, courses throughout the semester and also all tasks along the way, gave me an excellent basis of what I wished to create myself.



Now the council plan is going ahead, we continue our campaign by recording what is happening to the service. This includes libraries that have closed for good, volunteers that confirm they are not genuine volunteers but feel forced into saving their community resources and volunteers withdrawing their offers. Find this record here: Volunteer Crisis. Help us make this record a true account by letting us know what’s happening with your library, community hub or volunteer group via our contact page.

A reminder that the first judicial review in 2014 was lost by the council on two counts (read details blow) The second hearing in 2015 was a win for them. The judgement from the second high court hearing has now been handed down (as of 22 Oct 2015). You can read it here:

Case No: CO/2058/2015

Read the council’s press release about the outcome here where the council leader Martin Hill states they are “consulting our lawyers regarding the recovery of our costs.”

Council to seek costs for campaigners’ failed libraries challenge

Read the campaign’s initial response to this here


And other response here

“they continue to threaten, bully and criticise those people who dare question what they do”

There is another earlier attack on campaigners recorded in this letter from the council leader here:

Martin Hill attacks Save Lincs Libraries campaigners


LATEST 1) On 21st July 2015 Lincolnshire County Council and its plans for libraries will be back in the High Court, following a request for a second Judicial Review by Simon Draper. Read all three grounds here: Lincolnshire County Council library plans to be challenged again in the High Court

LATEST 2) 14 page response sent to the Secretary of State by campaigner Maurice Nauta April 2015, regarding the minister’s ‘provisional’ decision not to intervene in the Lincolnshire cuts. NO REPLY YET. Read it here All the reasons you should intervene, Dear Secretary of State


Under the council’s plan (approved by nine members of the council executive 3/3/2015, one member was absent) the number of council-run libraries in Lincolnshire will now drop from 47 to 15, and around 160 library workers will be made redundant. The council is likely to put these libraries out to tender unless they are already in a partnership scheme. All remaining libraries will either be taken over by voluntary groups and turned into “community hubs” or will be replaced by “super-mobile” library, which will visit for a minimum of four hours on a weekday evening or three hours on a Saturday every fortnight. These remaining libraries would not be included in the tender process. Volunteer groups that are chosen to run their library will be given a one-off sum of up to £15,000 for building work or equipment, £5,167 per year for operational costs, and up to 4,000 books. This will only last for four years, after which volunteers will need to raise money themselves. The plan voted through in February 2015 is fundamentally no different to the plan decided upon in December 2013. The original decision was quashed in the high court in July 2014 because of not taking into account the Localism Act (and campaigners feel maybe they still haven’t) and also because of the process of decision making and the flawed consultation.

At no point has the council asked for public consent to the plan which massively reduces this statutory, vital and cherished public service, and takes the high risk route of volunteer libraries to allow around 160 people to be sacked.

“It shall be the duty of every library authority to provide a comprehensive and efficient library service for all persons desiring to make use thereo.” Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964

As these cuts are being planned and executed, Lincolnshire County Council have a £41 million underspend in the bank. The cuts will save them under £2 million. Read more on this here in the Lincolnshire Echo.

The council have also been given two alternative plans that save the required money and keep ALL the libraries open with paid staff. Read about these alternatives here: https://savelincslibraries.org.uk/alternative-plans/

The council exec in Lincolnshire are Conservative / Lib Dem. The Lincolnshire Conservative party manifesto published before the cuts were announced promised that the party will “continue a countywide library network with better access and opening hours.” A press release from Labour in Lincolnshire reveals Lincolnshire Conservatives put off public consultation on their library plan until after the County Council elections in May 2013. Read more on this council’s appalling actions over the last two years on our page: Villains.

The 2014 and 2015 decisions by the nine members of the council executive have been strongly opposed and undermined in a multitude of ways:

On Wednesday, 26th June 2013, the Community and Public Safety Scrutiny Committee, made up of 11 Lincolnshire county councillors, rejected the council’s proposal for changes to library provision in Lincolnshire. Read more here: Scrutiny committee reject Lincolnshire County Council proposal.

With minimal funding this campaign has generated petitions with over 23,000 names, a protest march 400 strong and a heart-breaking catalogue of 900 comments, handed to David Cameron in book form in April 2014 when we took a coach and Lobbied for Libraries.

There has been opposition from MPs of all parties, internationally acclaimed authors, celebrities and The Library Campaign. These are catalogued in this Facebook album: The Great and the Good. Tory support in particular has its own page on our blog: https://savelincslibraries.org.uk/tory-support/

From the council’s own consultation report: “In terms of the survey response rates, the quantity of completed surveys was high and the volume of qualitative data generated within these was exceptional. In over a decade of research work the analysis team at SHU had not experienced any survey (on any topic) generating such a high volume of qualitative data / written comments. In excess of 21,300 comments (779 A4 pages) were read, coded and analysed.” Source Consultation Final Report

From The Library Campaign’s first-hand account of the high court hearing: “At one point the urbane judge murmured: ‘I’ve never before come across a consultation exercise where everyone who responded said – “Don’t do it!” That was after he had gently enquired whether anyone at all had approved of the plans. ‘No, my lord,’ admitted the county’s hapless barrister. That, it seems, was not considered relevant by Lincs CC.” Source Library Campaign Report from Lincolnshire Judicial Review, and more recently, outraged at the 2015 decision from chair of The Library Campaign: Lincolnshire Library Madness.

The volunteers the council is replying on for this plan are already in crisis. No group we have spoken with is taking on their library willingly and several have already withdraw plans, we’ve collated many community group comments and are seeking more, read here: https://savelincslibraries.org.uk/volunteer-crisis/

From the mouth of David Cameron’s (after the ruling from the high court): “One of the great things in our democracy is that governments have to act under the law and respond to public opinion and pressure – and that’s what is happening in Lincolnshire.” Source Cameron Quotation Lincolnshire Libraries

Elsewhere, other council’s listen. We’ve collated recent cases of council’s in the UK who have responded to public outcry and withdrawn their current library plans here: https://savelincslibraries.org.uk/councils-that-listened/


Read what we think about the council’s plan here: We Believe

Read our latest response here:

Lincolnshire Libraries Decision – Reactions from Public & The National Library Campaign

WHO MADE THIS DECISION? https://savelincslibraries.org.uk/lincolnshire-county-council-executive/

CAMPAIGN TIMELINE: from Summer 2013 onwards: https://savelincslibraries.org.uk/lobby4libraries/

The latest council proposal can be viewed here.

“When this legal challenge was launched we called on Lincolnshire County Council to think again, and seriously re-consider the cuts they had proposed. They ignored my client, dismissed his claims that the consultation was flawed, and ignored the fact that the cuts could be avoided. The Court has listened and ruled that Lincolnshire County Council’s proposals, which would have decimated the library service and cost hundreds of jobs, were wrong as a matter of law.” Paul Heron, Solicitor, Public Interest Lawyers.

Our blog post on the outcome Win on Two Counts!

Blog post from Public Interest Lawyers High Court Quashes Decision

Report from The Library Campaign on the outcome LINCS LIBRARY RESCUE COULD SAVE LIBRARIES NATIONWIDE

Report in Public Libraries News (including links to media coverage): Lincolnshire Council Loses Judicial Review

Download the full judgement here: http://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk//Download/71574

More on our campaign:
Inside the Judicial Review, July 2014. We have two reports from people who were in the high court during the review. Click here our campaigner’s report, and click here for the report of the chair of The Library Campaign.

#Lobby4Libraries – read about our day in Westminster and visit to No 10 Downing Street.

FULL JUDICIAL REVIEW TO GO AHEAD Lincolnshire: Full Judicial Review of Library Service to go ahead The judge did not restrict the grounds of challenge, and therefore the 4 grounds will be considered by the High Court when the case is heard.

LETTER TO THE SECRETARY OF STATE A former Assistant Director at Lincolnshire County Council has written to The Rt. Hon Maria Miller MP, former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport to formally request that she intervene and order an urgent inquiry into the changes being made by the County Council to the Lincolnshire library service. Update, letter now sent to Sajid Javid, Maria Miller’s replacement.

Click here to read about the day when Helen Goodman MP (Shadow Minister for Libraries) visited campaigners at Ermine Library, 15 April.

Click here to read extensive press coverage of our #BigLibraryMarch in September 2013

The Consultation – Click here to open the full PDF of the consultation report where people completely condemn the council’s plans and their consultation: SHU-Libraries-Consultation-Final-Report-31-October-2013 (2). Click here to read: Our response to the consultation findings

How you can help

The library cuts in Lincolnshire have national implications (read this independent summary here: Lincolnshire Council’s consultation gets into further hot water … and has national implications), so we invite anyone who cares about public libraries in the UK to support us.

Follow us on Twitter @savelincslibs, Tweet your support and we will RT!

If you have more time and a blog, please write a blog post on your support of our campaign and Tweet us the link, again we will share this widely.

You can join our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Lincolnshire-Libraries/459730957507765

#Lobby4Libraries THE BIG UPDATE

[NOTE: journalists & bloggers are free to use images on this post to report on the Save Lincolnshire Libraries campaign and library campaigning in general]

On Tuesday (April 8th) a delegation from Save Lincolnshire Libraries (including six children) travelled to London by coach with two objectives in mind. Four and a half hours there, four and a half hours back… but completely worth it. 

Firstly, there was a lobby of various MPs, hosted by Nic Dakin MP for Scunthorpe. A number of MPs were invited to meet campaigners in The Peel Room at the Houses of Parliament from 12.30 to 2.30, including party leaders, ministers and their shadows from DCMS and Education. All Lincolnshire MPs and various others were asked to attend.  You can follow this link to read the campaigners briefing notes for this lobbying event (summarising the campaign story so far) or just read on to see what happened on the day…

Secondly, six campaigners took a walk from Parliament to 10 Downing Street to appeal to the Prime Minister directly to intervene in Lincolnshire n order to maintain a comprehensive public library service in the county. These six campaigners presented a book of 900 comments at Downing Street called “The Tip of the Iceberg”.

The Long Journey to London

#lobby4libraries 00

Main organiser Leslie Hough

Pictured on the way down to London is #Lobby4Libraries organiser Leslie Hough with the “Tip of the Iceberg” book presented to David Cameron. The comments in the book explain why and how the people of Lincolnshire (and occasionally beyond) use and value their libraries. They are unedited. The majority are from people living in Lincolnshire and from people brought up in the county. They are taken from the online, county wide petition, which has so far gathered 3,000 names. It is just one of many petitions associated with the Save Lincolnshire Libraries Campaign against library cuts: more than 23,000 people have signed various petitions in the last few months. In this respect, these comments represent the “tip of the iceberg”.

Anyone can read these comments here: 900 comments page. Click this link to watch a Vine video we took of the book on the coach.

Leaving Lincoln at 6.55 am. The coach collected people from Mablethorpe, Louth, Lincoln, Sleaford and The Deepings

En route, BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s Scott Dalton interviewed Leslie Hough, and campaigners broke into song. In this interview you can hear one of the key figures behind the library cuts, Cllr Nick Worth,  dismiss the 900 NAMES he believed were in the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ book, when in fact it’s 900 COMMENTS, the tip of the iceberg of 23,000 petition NAMES. Clue’s in the title, Nick. Listen Again here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01x1nk7

Our last stop before London was the perfect excuse for a group photo

 Just Keep Walking Towards Big Ben

#lobby4libraries 04

11.30 am, campaigners head towards the Houses of Parliament


Waiting to go into the Houses of Parliament as Leslie Hough is interviewed by BBC Look North

#lobby4libraries 05

One of six children on the bus, Natasha (nine) wonders if it ‘looks like “Hogwarts inside”

#lobby4libraries 06

The Entrance Hall, which does look a lot like Hogwarts.

Into The Peel Room – The Lobby Begins

The Peel Room, overlooking the Thames, was the venue for the lobbying from 12.30-2.30. Angela Montague, who needed to charge her phone to continue taking photos and updating the campaign Twitter, commented: “Beautiful room. Lots of inkwells, but very few plug sockets.”

Maurice Nauta , who was one of the six who later went to No 10 Downing Street, commented: “The lobby was to make sure the case for saving the libraries in Lincolnshire was heard loud and clear in Westminster and would reach the ears of the prime Minister himself. The delivery of the book ‘The Tip of the Iceberg’ referred both to the fact that the 900 + comments about our libraries were just some of the views passed by residents , and also refers to our awareness of the plight of other library services up and down the country.”

#lobby4libraries 08

Simon Draper (who is launching the Judicial Review into the cuts) and his wife Timber.

Read more about Simon’s Judicial Review here: Judicial Review Go Ahead on All Four Grounds

#lobby4libraries 13

Thanks to Laurence, Nic Dakin’s assistant (stood left in the pic), who helped us throughout.

#lobby4libraries 09

Shadow Local Government Minister Andy Sawford talks to Lincolnshire campaigners

#lobby4libraries 10

Labour MP for West Ham, Lyn Brown, spoke eloquently about the value of libraries

#lobby4libraries 11

Shadow Minister for Culture, Media & Sport Helen Goodman confirmed her support for our campaign and libraries on a national level

Rosanne (Rosie) Kirk (Councillor for Birchwood, Lincoln) commented: “Our journey to House of Commons on Tuesday was a great success. Championing the cause of Libraries and how vital they are for communities. We met MPs; we heard wonderful speeches. We felt inspired. And we won’t give up, our fight continues to save our Libraries.”

#lobby4libraries 12

John Hayes, MP for South Holland and The Deepings, spoke of his support for Deepings Library

Lincolnshire children Lottie (nine), Lizzie (10), Katy (eight), Natasha (nine) Laurence (11) and Ethan (eight) hand over letters to Shadow Minister for Culture, Media & Sport, Helen Goodman. Ms Goodman commented on how pleased she was to see children taking part in democracy. A huge thank you to these six children who spent a gruelling nine hours on the coach to take part in the lobbying.

 MPs involvement in the #Lobby4Libraries event

Nic Dakin, MP for Scunthorpe, called the meeting, and his assistant Lawrence Rayner facilitated throughout. A number of MPs were invited to meet in The Peel Room from 12.30 to 2.30 including include, party leaders, ministers and their shadows from DCMS and Education, all Lincolnshire MPs and various others.

  1. Helen Goodman, Shadow Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, attended and gave an inspiring pro-library speech and spoke of the need for a national debate.
  2. Shadow Local Government Minister Andy Sawford, MP for Corby so a neighbouring MP to Lincolnshire, talked with campaigners and gave a pro-library speech.
  3. Lyn Brown (Labour MP for West Ham) also gave a speech on the value of libraries.
  4. John Hayes, MP for South Holland and The Deeping, gave a speech about his opposition to the cuts to Deepings library, how his love of reading began with a mobile library, and the immense respect all MPs have for the House of Commons Library.
  5. Tom Blenkinsop, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South, attended and spoke with campaigners.
  6. A representative of North West Cambridgeshire MP Shailesh Vara met with campaigners.
  7. Karl Turner MP, for Hull East, attended and spoke with campaigners.
  8. Edward Leigh (Gainsborough) was out of the country but arranged beforehand for his assistant Andrew Cusack to attend, who spoke at length with campaigner Maurice Nauta. Sir Edward has now made call for intervention into the cuts: MP Protests Library Cuts.
  9. Mark Simmons (Boston and Skegness) sent his assistant when he was ‘green carded’*.
  10. Karl Mc Cartney (Lincoln) was invited by Nic Dakin but did not respond directly as far as campaigners are aware. He did tell a constituent who contacted him beforehand that he couldn’t come and offered to meet with him in Lincoln to discuss libraries one-to-one. [update 12/4) We now know Karl McCartney has met with library campaigner Paul Rees (Head of English at Christ’s Hospital School), who presented the MP with questions from many Lincolnshire residents in a hour long session. Mr Rees will be posting feedback from this meeting on this blog.
  11. Stephen Phillips, MP for Sleaford and N Hykeham, had quite a lengthy meeting outside with some of his constituents, they were still going on when campaigners left the committee room.
  12. Peter Tapsell (Louth and Horncastle) was invited by Nic Dakin, a constituent wrote to him and emailed him and then ‘green carded’ him during the lobby, but he didn’t respond at all, as far as campaigners are aware.
  13. Nick Boles (Grantham and Stamford) was invited by Nic Dakin and didn’t respond as far as campaigners are aware, but no-one for his constituency attended either so no one was able to ‘green card’ him.
  14. Andrew Percy MP for Brigg and Goole responded to the initial invitation with his apologies and said he didn’t think it was appropriate. He is a neighbouring MP, however neighbouring constituents use Lincolnshire libraries.
  15. Apologies for absence received since the event (so far): Tom Watson, Grahame Morris, Andy Burnham MP for Leigh  (Shadow Health Secretary), Luciana Berger MP (Shadow Public Health Minister), Jon Trickett MP.

* A Green Card is a card that you fill in if you want to see your MP at the Palace of Westminster. If you want to visit your MP at the House of Commons you can go through the public entrance of the building and fill out your details on a Green Card in the Central Lobby. The officials in the building will then make every possible attempt to find the MP and ask him or her to meet you in the Central Lobby. If the MP cannot be found a message is left. MPs are not always in Westminster as they have a lot of work to do in their constituencies and elsewhere and it is best to make an appointment in advance.

And onward to No 10 Downing Street

There to greet us - Larry the No 10 cat!

There to greet us – Larry the No 10 cat!

Processed with Moldiv

Campaigners exit through ‘Plebgate’ at No 10 Downing Street, having delivered the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ book. This group included Julie Harrison, former head teacher, John Hough a labour county councillor, Maurice Nauta, former assistant director for libraries, and Simon Draper and Timber Draper from Lincoln.

Our #Lobby4Libraries Hashtag reaches 26,600 accounts

And boosting morale all the way – some fantastic Tweets of support, making our #Lobby4Libraries hashtag reach 26,600 Twitter accounts in 48 hours: See PDF: TweetReach Report

Here’s just a sample:  









Capture 2

Capture 3




Other coverage to date

“This devastating report exposes the disgraceful con-trick”

Lincoln Central Library

Lincoln Central Library

The following is a press release from Lincolnshire’s Labour party, published unedited:


Damning Audit Report shows Lincolnshire Conservatives plotted to close libraries while making empty election promises to ‘improve opening hours’

A damning report out today (Monday) reveals how Lincolnshire Conservatives were secretly planning to slash library opening hours – at the same time as making county-wide election promises to “improve library opening hours”.

The official internal audit report shows that they put off public consultation on their draconian plan to close 30 libraries until after the County Council elections in May 2013.

The shocking report concludes:

  • The decision to delay the consultation in 2012 was taken following an officer’s briefing to the Conservative group of councillors and a ‘strong political steer’.
  • The delay – until a month after the county council elections in May 2013 – led to a squeezed consultation timetable and mistakes which eventually resulted in a High Court judge overturning the council’s Executive decision to press ahead.
  • Councillors were given wrong information on an alternative offer to run libraries across the county.

The report will be discussed today (Monday) by the council’s Audit Committee – 24 hours before the controversial libraries plan is back in the spotlight at a Scrutiny meeting tomorrow (Tuesday).

Labour’s Shadow Executive Member for Libraries Cllr Phil Dilks (Deeping St James) said:

“This devastating report exposes the disgraceful con-trick the Conservatives played on the people of Lincolnshire at the elections in May 2013.

“In their county-wide election manifesto (link below) Lincolnshire Conservatives promised to ‘improve library opening hours’. The truth is now out – it was an empty promise they had no intention of keeping. At the same time, they were secretly plotting to slash opening hours – and withdraw £1.9 million funding for more than 30 libraries across the county.

“Had they been honest and revealed their draconian plan before the elections, they know they would not have been able to cling on to power.

“At the same time as publishing their manifesto promise to improve access to libraries and opening hours, they were delaying publication of their plan to close 30 fulltime libraries unless voluntary groups agreed to keep them open for at least six hours a week

“Just weeks after the elections, the plan was revealed and then opening hours were slashed across the county. Even the Central Library serving the university city of Lincoln had its hours cut to fewer than libraries in small market towns like Worksop and Retford in neighbouring Nottinghamshire.

“This Report exposes the utter contempt for proper scrutiny– I welcome for example the critical comments on expcting elected councillors to make a judgement on an important 200 page report which they were only allowed to see just 15 minutes before a crucial meeting.

“The Great Tory Library Betrayal was only stopped in its tracks by a High Court Judge.

“But now it is back on the table – tomorrow (Tuesday) councillors will be asked to approve exactly the same plan that was quashed by the High Court.


  1. The Internal Audit Report into what led to the County Council losing a Judicial Review will be considered today (Monday) at a meeting of the Audit Committee starting at 10am at County Offices, Newland, Lincoln.
  1. The full Internal Audit Report is Item 4 in the agenda papers which at:


  1. in the attached document. Extracts are shown below, with highlights emboldened.
  1. On page 7 (Stronger Communities) of their Manifesto for the May 2013 county council elections, launched by county council Leader Cllr Martin Hill, Lincolnshire Conservatives state:

“We promise to continue a countywide library network with better access and opening hours”

Full manifesto is at: http://www.conservativelincs.org.uk/assets/lincolnshire_conservatives_2013_manifesto_pdf.pdf

  1. A demonstration against the library cuts plan will be held at County Offices, Newland, Lincoln from 9.15am tomorrow (Tuesday) ahead of a meeting of the Council’s Communities and Public Safety Scrutiny Committee starting at 10am. All who value libraries welcome.


(particular highlights shown in bold)

3.6       Looking back at the reshaping of library services prior to the Core Offer in 2011 we can see that the potential closure of static libraries was not a new concept…The Core Offer, approved in February 2011, placed more emphasis on savings than in the earlier Library Review. The savings target was based on reducing the number of static libraries to 13.

3.9 .     ..the progress made on developing the Library Needs Assessment…was presented to the Scrutiny Committee on two occasions (December 2011 and June 2012). The Committee noted the progress and provided comments on strategy, such as….

  • Need to retain professional library staff
  • Support the principle of volunteers but reservations about replacing staff

3.10    Informal Executive considered one paper early on in the development of the Library Needs Assessment (October 2011). The steer from this meeting was around:

  • Timing of the consultation (to be handled carefully)
  • Libraries to be a catalyst for the Big Society
  • An alternative option of reducing staffing hours and making up with community volunteers.

3.12    During 2011various iterations of the Library Needs Assessment were presented to the FSR Board proposing comprehensive and phased consultation plans…These plans were changed following the steer from the Informal Executive in October 2011 regarding consultation timing.

3.13    Throughout 2011 and 2012 the project team were supporting a number of community library ‘pilots’ – this resulted in 6 Council libraries becoming community libraries with partnership or volunteer arrangements…

3.15    In March 2012 the FSR Board considered a paper…The key components of the proposal put forward were…reducing the number of static libraries to 13.

The FSR Board minutes record the need to keep elected members, including local members, up to date on developments.

3.20.   The draft Executive decision paper was considered by the FSR Board in December 2012 and it was agreed that the paper did not need to go to the Informal Executive in January 2013. The minutes (of the FSR Board) stated that the Conservative Group would receive a briefing.

3.22    On 26 June  2013 Communities and Public Safety Scrutiny Committee considered the Library Needs Assessment document, prior to the Executive Decision on 2 July 2013.  The Committee raised many concerns about the proposals, including issues around the volunteer commitment and a view that it was not the right consultation to take to the public.

3.23    The Scrutiny Committee did not support the recommendation to Executive…

3.33    The Communities and Public Safety Scrutiny Committee…on 2 December 2013…some members did have reservations and felt the proposal would be open to legal challenge and would not deliver a comprehensive service. Some also felt the consultation was fundamentally flawed and that the high dependency on volunteers would mean a significant loss of staff.

4.3       Option appraisal is a key feature of robust local government decision making and something which should be routinely evidenced in the Council’s Executive Decision Papers. In the case of the review of Library Services, this did not happen and was, in our opinion, a missed opportunity. An option appraisal would have helped determine the most appropriate deployment of the Council investment and provide evidence of a rigorous analysis of various options,including their projected risks and impacts…

4.4       Early intentions to look at, and consult widely on, different options and delivery models were lost…

4.5       Early in the Libraries Project, the Council’s Legal advisors raised the importance of the consultation process, the need to demonstrate an open mind…the lack of legal input into the consultation document was a significant omission”

4.8       In September and October 2011, Officers requested a political steer around the timing of the consultations. Minutes show that concerns were raised by members around the timing of this and it was…suggested that this should be handled carefully.

4.9       The compressed timeframe (July to December 2013) placed significant pressures on all officers, advisors and organisations involved in the libraries consultation and subsequent reporting…it also affected the quality and robustness of analysis, advice and officer decision making…

4.11    …the consultation documents contained errors…”

4.12    We believe the effect of running the expression of interest process at the same time (as the consultation process) was to increase public perception that it was a ‘done deal’.

4.16  …the strong political steer…influenced the officer response and actions.

4.17    The most significant missed opportunity was not exploring the two service-wide expressions of interest… Putting back the decision making would not only have enabled more time for analysis and reporting of the consultation results but would have also permitted appropriate examination of the alternative proposals and more time for advisors (including Legal) to support the decision making process.

4.19  . ..we note that councillors…believed, from the officer briefing, that GLL’s proposal removed the mobile libraries…the briefing may have caused member misunderstanding which could also have potentially influenced their steer…this matter has been referred to the Chief Executive for consideration.

4.20   Although in 2011 there was some early recognition of the potential implications of the Localism Act and Open Public Services, this became lost in the development of the Library Needs Assessment and preferred model. The Council applied the Localism ethos at the lowest level – community volunteers – as this fulfilled the political vision…and the pursuit of the ‘Big Society’.

…the  Council was not as open at it might have been…

4.21. …the (Executive) saw this approach as a catalyst for the ‘Big Society’

4.27    The deferred decision making timetable…was a consequence of the political drivers and the financial timescales resulted in the ‘what’ and ‘how’ around the library services being formally considered at the same time.

We believe a phased approach and consultation (as originally planned by officers via the ‘Big Library Conversation’) may have improved scrutiny, decision making and overall outcome.

4.32    Members only given access to 205 page report 15 minutes prior to meeting…

4.33    Members generally have five working days to reflect on the papers in advance of meetings  – in our opinion Councillors would benefit from more time to consider the bigger issues.

4.34    We found little effective scrutiny contribution to the Library Needs Assessment., preferred delivery model and Executive decision making. Scruitiny over the option appraisal would have…increased the level of transparency and openness.

4.35    We believe it would have been better had the Scrutiny Committee been engaged at an earlier stage…